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Envato is a bootstrapped Australian company that operates an ecosystem of sites with a global community. We’re passionate about the web, and about enabling creators to make a living doing what they love. At Envato, we make websites that help people from all over the world change the way they earn and learn online.

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Ultimately we chose a mission that we can feel proud of — one which we fulfill every day, yet has lots of room to grow.

A Community Focused Company.

Envato is founded on the idea of community. Whether it’s the users on our forums, the readers of our tutorials, the friends we see at meetups or our fun, quirky team themselves, we’re passionate about putting the community first and building a success story around them. Our very first company value is “When the Community Succeeds, We Succeed.” They are the heart of everything we do.

Pictured: Envato staff and community take part in a giant selfie at Envato's Chicago Live meetup.

From Humble Beginnings.

In true startup style, Envato’s early workspaces included a living room, bedroom and family garage. As a bootstrapped company, funded by credit cards and savings, we’ve grown through careful spending, hard work, and a focus on delivering great products. Today, Envato’s offices are a little more glamorous than those early settings, but our passion and determination hasn’t changed.

Pictured: One of Envato’s original offices — cofounder Cyan’s parents let us use their garage.

A Little Company That’s Grown Fast.

We started out back in 2006 with just one marketplace, not much money, and a passion for the web. Since then, we’ve been growing very quickly, doubling our users, traffic, revenue and staff every year for many of those years. Today the Envato team is considerably larger, and our goals have changed in size, but not in nature. We want to keep doing what we do best — help people earn and learn online.

Pictured: HR coordinator Jo Miller is part of an ever-busy HR team at Envato.

Our Values When the Community Succeeds,
We Succeed

The community is our backbone and we always try to make decisions with their best interests in mind. It is critical to us that we have a win-win approach to work, and that we get involved with and talk to the community.

Envato Values #1

Our Values The Right People,
The Right Environment

We look for smart, curious, capable people with skill, passion and integrity. We trust them and give them the space to act, succeed and learn from mistakes. We support them in their endeavours to grow and develop, and help them to achieve both individually and, more importantly, within their team.

Envato Values #2

Our Values Tell It Like It Is

We value truthfulness and integrity, openness and transparency, the ability to admit when one is wrong, and the courage it takes to be completely honest. We prize both giving and receiving respectful, constructive and encouraging feedback.

Envato Values #3

Our Values Focus On Results

We come to work at Envato to do our best work. We believe in setting clear, fair and challenging goals, and focusing our efforts on doing the right things, and doing them well.

Envato Values #4

Our Values Not Just The Bottom Line

We take a long term view of our business and focus on creating value. While we have a healthy appreciation for the bottom line, we are building a sustainable business that creates wealth for many, not just money for some.

Envato Values #5

Our Values Fair Go

Everyone deserves an equal chance and a fair opportunity. At work, on our sites, and in life we strive to be fair and consistent in everything we do.

Envato Values #6

Our Values Diverse and Inclusive

We thrive when we champion diversity and inclusion. We make better decisions, we’re stronger and happier, and it’s the right thing to do. It is our responsibility and privilege to be somewhere talented, value-driven people thrive. We are welcoming, respectful and supportive at work, on our sites, and in our community.

Envato Values #7

Our Mission To Help People Learn and Earn Online.

At our core, we’re a company about empowering people with tools and services to develop new skills and make a living. We do this in the creative space with marketplaces and education platforms and materials that help people get creative.

Envato’s History


  1. FlashDen Launches

    In August 2006 we launched our very first product! After six months of development, FlashDen, fox tail, Flash files, forums and all, went live, marking the beginning of what is today, Envato.

  2. Bootstrapping

    Our early days took place in a bedroom, a living room, and then a garage. Money was tight and our founders Collis, Cyan and Jun freelanced at night and on weekend to pay the bills. We were a bit impoverished, but very excited!


  1. Psdtuts+ and FreelanceSwitch

    With FlashDen starting to grow, our founder Collis began getting into blogging. Together with his wife Cyan, they set up FreelanceSwitch and then Psdtuts+ to teach freelancing and Photoshop respectively. Both sites were overnight successes.

  2. Vahid Joins the Team

    Leaving behind his career in physics, Collis’ brother Vahid officially joined the nascent Envato team as the fourth owner. Together with Envato's first developer Ryan, this brought the team to five people.


  1. Marketplaces Expand — AudioJungle, ThemeForest

    After a huge push from early Envato developers Ryan, Clinton and John, FlashDen morphed from one marketplace into many. First AudioJungle and then ThemeForest were launched on the world. And thank goodness, because Flash was about to take a tumble!

  2. “Envato” Launches

    With more and more sites, we needed a handle for it all. We briefly called ourselves Eden, then found out it was very hard to trademark. So instead “Envato” was born, a completely made up word that’s come to mean … us!


  1. Envato Authors Get Paid More

    With more volume and size we soon found that we were in a position to pay our community more money off each sale. We increased payout percentages, allowing up to 70% for top authors, and set new market standards in many niches.

  2. Melbourne Office

    When Envato first started, founder couple Collis and Cyan spent a lot of time travelling and working remotely. But come 2009, it was time for an Envato HQ to really form. With our early developers in Melbourne, it seemed like the perfect homebase.


  1. Envato Featured on 37Signals

    In 2010 the prominent dev and startup blog 37Signals’ Signal vs Noise featured Envato as a Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud company. To this day the company is still going strong with no external investment.

  2. Remote Team Meetup

    For the first time ever members of Envato’s far flung remote team had a face to face meeting, when we converged in Chicago. Twenty five Envato’ers attended and conferenced about the future of the company. We also ate a lot of deep dish pizza!


  1. Premium v2 Launches

    After starting life as a way to grab source files and occasional bonus tutorials, Tuts+ Premium was reinvented and rereleased with screencasts, ebooks, forums and a new look and feel. The site quickly doubled in revenue with membership growing fast.

  2. Million Dollar ‘Power Elite’ Authors

    In 2011, the author Kriesi became our first author to cross a million dollars in sales, with (friendly) arch nemesis Peerapong following a few months after. The two continue to duke it out for supremacy to this day.


  1. Envato Global Meetups

    2012 saw meetups of Envato staff and community happening all around the world in Kuala Lumpur, New York City, Nashville and Manchester. The community topped two million members with global growth going strong.

  2. Tuts+ Expands Past 10 Sites

    As Tuts+ passed its own five year anniversary, we launch into three new niches of education: DIY craft, Mac computing and game development. This brought the Tuts+ network to thirteen sites.


  1. Microlancer Launches

    2013 marked a new push into freelancing for Envato with the launch of Microlancer. Offering new avenues for earning through its innovative services marketplace model, it quickly grew to an offering of over a thousand services.

  2. Tuts+ Hub and the Future of Tuts

    After years of operating as a network of 'blogs', Tuts+ began its march into the future with the release of Tuts+ Hub 2.0, an up-to-date consumption site for the growing library of thousands of tutorials, articles and screencasts.


  1. Microlancer Becomes Studio

    With a big future ahead of Microlancer, a change of name was in order. With the new name came a new brand, a new offering, and a bigger vision. Studio became Envato's first product to focus on serving small businesses directly.

  2. Envato Market Launches

    With more than one and a half million active buyers, it was time to tie the eight marketplaces together under one unified brand. It marked a turning point for the business, from focusing on providing the most options to buyers, to focusing on providing the best experience.