Passionate about
Open Source.

Envato has roots in two huge open source projects: WordPress and Ruby on Rails. We’re passionate about open source and support many meetups, groups and conferences. Our devs are heavy open source contributors and many of our team members regularly speak at events. Moreover we provide a huge range of learning materials for using open source technologies via Tuts+.

I was absolutely thrilled when Envato became our launch partner. It's an honour to be supported by such a large and vibrant community.

Open Source.

The thousands of tutorials, articles, video courses and ebooks on Tuts+ provide a wealth of material dedicated to teaching techniques and skills around open source products and projects.

We’ve provided financial support to a number of innovative open source projects like the Ghost blogging platform, and the Aesop Story Engine. We believe open source projects like these benefit us and our community, and we’re happy to have the opportunity to participate, back and support them in as many ways possible.

Pictured: Collis Ta'eed attending Pressnomics, the world's largest WordPress conference.

Open Source Contributors.

Dev culture is a big part of Envato’s team. Since our first developer championed Ruby on Rails back in 2006, we’ve put a lot of stock into hiring great developers who are open source believers. Developers like Justin French, creator of the wildly popular Formtastic plugin, help ensure that Envato stays committed to supporting, contributing to, and using great open source.

Pictured: Envato's Justin French is a prominent open source contributor in the Ruby community.

Ruby on Rails since the Beginning.

Envato has used Ruby on Rails since its earliest releases, and today Envato Market is one of the world’s largest Rails apps, with over 10 million dynamic page requests a day. Our team of Ruby devs is passionate about their platform: hosting, organizing, volunteering for, and speaking at events around Australia and overseas. You can learn more about the team that build Envato’s products, including open source projects we contribute to, at We Build Envato.

Pictured: One of Envato's Senior Ruby Developers, Shevaun Coker.

GPL on
Envato Market.

As the operator of the largest marketplaces for WordPress themes and plugins, Envato is proud to have been 100% GPL compliant since 2009. All themes and plugins sold on Envato Market have GPL licensed code, and since 2013 authors have the option to make their item completely GPL licensed if they choose — code, design and all.

Pictured: World renowned 100% GPL theme company WooThemes on ThemeForest.

Supporting the Ruby and Rails Communities

We’re passionate about Ruby and Rails, and we support a variety of projects in the community including events like RubyConf, the RailsGirls Summer of Code, RailsCamps across Australia, Roro meetups, and open source projects like Zed Shaw’s Mongrel 2 and Yehuda Katz's Tokaido project. If you have a worthy project that needs support, we'd love to hear from you.

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Supporting the WordPress Community

WordPress has been a key part of Envato’s success. It has been important to the growth of two of the largest Envato Market sites and been the engine that has driven Tuts+ for so many years. We are an active part of the WordPress community supporting events like WordPress Community Summit, PressNomics, WordPress Meetups, and open source projects like the OptionTree framework. If you have a worthy project that needs support, we'd love to hear from you.

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