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Officially carbon neutral.

Working towards carbon zero by 2040

Envato is committed to being a business for good, one that has a positive impact on the world around us.

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Sustainable InitiativesHow we're getting thereEvery year, Envato invests in sustainable projects that benefit the environment and improve on our approach as a business. Some of these include:

By sponsoring two bee hives through the Backyard Honey Project, we’re helping to keep our local ecosystem balanced.

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Staff can now opt out of merch or company wide gifts (or both!) if it’s something that they’d prefer not to receive. Our welcome packs for new staff are also packaged in recycled cardboard.

In 2021 we planted over 24,000 trees to offset our carbon footprint.

Our staff own and run Envato’s Greener Good sustainability collective.

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Officially a carbon neutral business

In partnership with climate tech startup Trace, Envato became a carbon-neutral business in 2022. As part of a comprehensive new sustainability project, Envato can now more effectively measure and offset the carbon emissions the business generates.

This goes beyond our physical offices in Australia and Mexico and includes an estimate of the footprint for all of our staff working flexibly around the world as well!
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Carbon neutral, good things are happeningCarbon neutral, good things are happening
Purpose and positivityA certified B-CorpEnvato is part of a growing community of businesses who are committed to balancing profit with a positive purpose. Our B-Corp certification recognises that we help lead the way in using business as a force for good in society.
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Sustainable partnershipsEnvato partners with local businesses to make our daily operations sustainable
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Reground manages our soft plastics recycling scheme

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Sprout provides the coffee beans for our Melbourne HQ and recycles used beans

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Oz Harvest ensures we don’t waste unconsumed food from our offices

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Simply Cups recycles any single-use coffee cups our staff use

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