Envato Affiliates payout process

All affiliates earnings will be paid to you via your Impact account.

How do I get paid?

All referral commissions earned during the month will be paid on the 16th of the following month.

Example (Illustrated)

  1. Someone clicks on your referral link on the 1st of January, creates a new account and makes their first purchase. Another person does the same thing on the 31st January.
  2. On the 16th of February, you will be paid for both the referral from the 1st of January and the referral from the 31st of January. These earnings will appear in your Impact account on the 16th.
Payout illustrated

How do I withdraw my earnings?

After we have paid you for your referrals, you will then be able to take out the money from your Impact account using the various withdrawal options that are available in Impact. To find out more about how to setup your withdrawal preferences, please check out our help article How do I get paid?