How do I create a referral link in Impact?

There are 2 ways of creating your unique referral link in Impact:

  • Using the WIDGET that is available on the home page (also called Dashboard)
  • Using the “Create a Link” ICON that is available in the left hand menu on any page of Impact

Using the WIDGET

  1. Login to Impact and go to the dashboard (homepage)
  2. You will find the widget on the right side of the page.
  3. Select the correct program from the drop-down menu (if applicable). A custom referral link to the homepage will be displayed by default.
  4. Enter the landing page that you want your referral link to go to.
  5. Click Advanced
  6. Enter the Sub IDs (no spaces, use underscores “_”)
Using the widget

Note on Sub IDs:

Sub IDs will allow you to track the specific link’s performance better (much like UTMs). Use of Sub IDs will provide you with data on exactly where your referral are coming from.

Sub ID 1: This is usually the title of the page that you are going to be placing the link on.

Example: I am going to put the referral link in my article “Top 10 Tshirt Mockups” (URL:, so therefore I will set Sub ID 1 to top-10-tshirt-mockups

Sub ID 2: This will be made up of three components Ad type + Placement + Technology

Example: I am going to place this as a text link in the content of my article. Therefore Ad type = Hyperlink, Placement = Article_Text, and because it will be a text link, the Technology = txt.
So my Sub ID 2 will be Hyperlink_Article_Text_txt

Sub ID 3: This will be the destination URL

Example: I am linking to the Placeit mockup category page, so Sub ID 3 should be

Sub IDs

Using the ICON

  1. You will find the ICON on the left side menu of any page in Impact
  2. Repeat the same steps as with the WIDGET, in order to create your unique referral link