Anti-bribery and Corruption

Policy Statement for our Community

Policy statement

At Envato, we take our values seriously and are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all of the work that we do. When we say Envato, we’re talking about Envato Pty Ltd, together with its wholly-owned subsidiary companies.

Envato takes a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption - we will not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption in our business or in those we do business with. Envato’s expectations and zero tolerance approach extends to the conduct of external parties who perform services for, or on behalf of, Envato - so it’s vital that you know about Envato’s commitment to anti-bribery and corruption, as everyone in the Envato community has an important role to play here.

Envato has adopted an internal anti-bribery and corruption policy, which it expects its staff to comply with in terms of the conduct of Envato’s business. Similarly, this document (ABC Statement) describes Envato’s approach to compliance with applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws and regulations, and what we expect from our authors, customers, business partners and affiliates that do business with us (our Envato Community Members or you).

Prohibition against bribery

Envato prohibits bribes in any form. You must never give, offer, promise, accept, request or authorise a bribe, whether directly or indirectly via a third party in connection with doing business with us. Similarly, Envato won’t partner or work with any parties where we detect or discover that they engage, or have engaged, in this kind of conduct generally.

Some key points about this:

  • a bribe means anything of value that is offered, promised or provided to gain any business, commercial, contractual, regulatory or personal advantage. Bribes can take the form of gifts, loans, fees, rewards, hospitality, offers of employment or other advantages. A bribe might not always be of large value and is not limited to the payment of money;
  • bribery means the act of offering, promising, authorising, giving, requesting, or accepting a bribe to improperly influence someone (in either their personal or official capacity) to obtain or retain a business or personal advantage. Bribery can occur directly or, importantly for this ABC Statement, indirectly through a third party acting on behalf of Envato.

“Facilitation payments” can be acceptable, where they are legitimate facilitation payments and not bribes or acts of bribery.

A facilitation payment is a low value payment to government officials or employees designed to expedite or facilitate routine government actions, eg, processing visas, permits and other actions of a non-discretionary nature. The payment is not intended to influence the outcome of a government official’s action, only its timing.

Dealing with government or public officials

Envato staff cannot accept, give, offer, or cause the giving of a bribe to any government or public official, whether in Australia, Mexico, the United States or any other country. We similarly expect that none of our Envato Community Members will do this in connection with doing business with us, or generally in their businesses. Again, Envato won’t partner or work with any parties where we detect or discover that they engage, or have engaged, in this kind of conduct generally.

When we say government or public official, we mean members, employees, officials or contractors of:

  • government and government bodies (including military and police);
  • government or state-controlled companies;
  • the executive, legislature or judiciary (including politicians and candidates for office);
  • statutory officeholders;
  • royal families; and
  • public international organisations.

Monitoring and review

Envato requires its staff to avoid any activity that might breach our internal anti-bribery and corruption policy. Similarly, we expect that our Envato Community Members will comply with this ABC Statement too and help Envato maintain its values-driven, high ethical standards in all of the work that we do.

This ABC Statement will be periodically reviewed to ensure that it is operating effectively and to assess if updates are needed.