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Envato’s Creative Community Has Now Earned $1 Billion

Envato's Community First values are supporting creative workers around the globe.

Posted 10 Nov 2020
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That headline is no joke, so let’s repeat the good news: Envato’s creative community has now earned more than $1 billion since the company was founded. 

More than 81,000 creatives from nearly every country in the world have now earned with Envato, be it for their designs, their assets, their skills and experience or their eye for trends. And 88 of these creative authors have earned more than $1m USD each along the way.

Audio tracks, stock footage, stock photos, print and web templates have the largest number of creators selling through Envato, though photos (45m sales or licenses across Envato Market and Envato Elements), video templates (22m) and stock footage (18m) are among the most popular assets for customers.

“The $1 billion goal has always been about keeping us focused on our purpose – creating impact for our community, and doing it at scale,” notes Envato co-founder Collis Ta’eed. “Having a clear goal meant we had many a time when I could fall back to asking “Yes but is this the best way to get to our goal?”

The $1 billion goal has always been about keeping us focused on our purpose – creating impact for our community, and doing it at scale.

Envato co-founder Collis Ta’eed

Reflecting on how the spirit of Envato has succeeded over the last decade and a half, Cyan Ta’eed says: “I’m the daughter of a photographer and a designer and grew up around creatives. Collis was a web designer and I was a graphic designer. One of the major drivers in starting Envato was to be a marketplace that believed in the value of creatives work. I was always driven by being a fair alternative.”

“For a long time, we believed that we’d be the small alternative, but it turns out that being fairer and being successful are not binary, but in fact work hand in hand.” 

Meet The Makers

“There have been literally thousands of people who’ve earned through the Envato community,” continues Collis. “Some of them have seen epic success, but for me, I’ve always loved the little stories and vignettes that pop on to the forums. It’s that person who says “I’ve just made my first sale and I’m so excited” or “I just realised I can start to save up for that holiday” – those always get me.”

In celebration of this momentous milestone, we’ve been talking with Envato creatives around the world to get their stories; about why they chose Envato, what it’s enabled them to do and who inspires them across our international community. Check out the Meet the Makers series below:

Some of our favourite authors divulge their favourite creatives that bring them joy and inspiration. 

We ask our authors to share how they started their creative careers with Envato. 

Get insights and ideas from our creative community about how you too can scratch your creative itch with Envato.

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