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What is Email Marketing? 10 Benefits of Email Marketing You Need To Know

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with customers. Here are the top 10 benefits of email marketing and how to and stand out in your recipients’ inboxes.

Posted 23 Jun 2022
What is Email Marketing? 10 Benefits of Email Marketing You Need To Know

Email marketing is a must-have medium for any marketing strategy. Email campaigns can help you share product updates, offer discounts to customers, and grow your community.

CRM with Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with customers by reaching them directly in their inbox. It has many benefits, such as precise personalizations, animations, newsletter and more. And when used in conjunction with other marketing channels, emails can exponentially expand your audience, boost revenue and improve customer experience. 

In this blog, we’ll look at the top 10 benefits of email marketing and how to leverage them. 

Top 10 Benefits Of Email Marketing

1. Automation

Email marketing allows you to automate tasks with ease, so you can spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time doing what matters most – growing your business. Once you set up your campaigns and set  workflow triggers, the rest is an automated process. 

Here are some additional benefits of automating your emails:

  • Doesn’t require human intervention
  • Reduces the chances of making errors
  • Saves time
  • Better segmentation
  • Increases opportunities for your sales team

2. No Algorithm

The thing about social media marketing is that you don’t really own your content. Since you’re uploading content on a platform, they technically own it, which can make it shaky ground for consistent marketing results. 

If social media suddenly stopped, many brands would lose an enormous amount of followers and even lose profits. This is why it’s smart for companies to also create an email list consisting of customers who’ve opted in to receive communications, instead of depending on other platforms for engaging with potential or existing customers.

Using emails in your strategy ensures you’re not at the mercy of the algorithm, and allows you to directly reach your audience without getting lost in the noise.

3. Data-Driven Approach

One of the great benefits of email marketing is that you can use it to collect data to tweak future campaigns and achieve better results. 

By constantly testing your campaigns with segmented audiences, you can set email marketing metrics for future campaigns to reach your intended goals. Here are some of the metrics to take into consideration:

  • Email deliverability rate
  • Open rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue per subscriber

You can also access analytics data to determine how many people opened your email or clicked through to your website or online store, making it easier to see which content performs best. 

SendX (Email marketing software) dashboard 

4. Builds Brand Awareness

Email campaigns are the backbone of any successful business. They help to build brand awareness, connect with existing customers, and reach new leads. 

Email marketing can also help you share product updates or new features, as well as give them a glimpse into who you are, what you do, and what your brand is all about

Here’s an example of how David Perell – a writer, teacher, and podcaster – uses email marketing to build brand awareness

Infographic of how David Perell – a writer, teacher, and podcaster – uses email marketing to build brand awareness. 

5. Supports Multiple Content Formats

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to hacking the email marketing game – it really depends on your audience and what you’re trying to achieve. Luckily, email marketing allows you to try out multiple content formats to keep things interesting.

By using a variety of content types, you can ensure that your email campaigns are engaging and effective. For example, you might use an attention-grabbing image at the top of your email, followed by a brief message and a link to your website. You could then include a link to a blog post, a YouTube video, and a crisp call to action. 

6. Personalization

Email campaigns allow you to take a more personalized approach to your marketing by making your clients feel appreciated and sending them targeted messages relevant to their interests. Email marketing is the best way to get your message across to people who have given their consent. This makes it easy to target the right audience and avoid spamming those who don’t want to hear from you.

When it comes to email marketing, you have a number of personalization options, from customization to segmentation. For example, you can include a customer’s first name in the subject line – statistics show that subject lines containing a customer’s first name actually have a higher click-through rate than those without. 

On the other hand, you can create segmented content. This allows you to tailor your email marketing campaign based on where your customers sit in the sales funnel. Furthermore, you can segment and clean your email lists to promote products or services relevant to specific demographics. 

7. Affordable 

Email marketing is known for its extensive reach, inexpensive cost, and high ROI. Not only does it enable you to nudge existing customers to purchase from you again, but it also reduces the cost of acquiring new customers by guiding them through the sales funnel

Email campaigns are extremely easy to set up and manage, making them a great choice for brands and businesses that are starting out, or who don’t have a big budget to spend on marketing efforts.

8. Designed to Fit Your Brand

One of the best benefits of email marketing is that it can be designed specifically to fit your brand. You can use your brand colors, logos, and fonts to make your emails stand out and easily recognizable. This helps to build trust and loyalty with your audience and can make them more likely to open and click through your emails.

To design the perfect branded email, check out these email templates on Envato Elements. 

9. Works with SEO

With email marketing campaigns, you will be able to send traffic to your site which can create a boost in SEO. As well as linking out to your website or social media pages, you can also increase sales by adding a compelling call to action to further optimize SEO.

Take Sephora for example. They share quality content and irresistible offers to their contact list, encouraging readers to click through to their website or continue reading. To nail this strategy, you’ll need strong imagery along with captivating CTAs.

Example of email from Sephora

10. Improves customer experience

One of the best benefits of email marketing is that it allows you to connect with your customers directly. This way, you can provide them with a better experience by answering their questions and addressing their concerns promptly. Additionally, you can use email marketing to upsell and cross-sell your products and services, which can boost your business.

Here’s how to use emails to improve customer experience:

  • Provide a stellar onboarding experience through a chain of welcome emails
  • Encourage feedback and provide timely responses
  • Share important brand resources
  • Give updates on product launches, upcoming events and exclusive discounts
  • Give prompt tracking details when they purchase from you

To wrap up…

Email marketing is a very effective way to build your brand, and one of the best forms of marketing to grow and connect with your audience. Try email marketing today to reap one of the many benefits of this marketing medium. Happy emailing!

Guest Author: Trevor Hatfield

Trevor is a managing partner of SendX, a powerful email marketing software for sending campaigns, building your list, and automating your marketing. SendX is a product of SendWorks, a software product suite with tools that help send emails that hit the inbox.

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