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10 Best Daily Planner Templates 2020

Create a daily planner for 2020 with a design and layout that suits your needs using a daily planner template.

Posted 7 Jan 2020
Daily planner templates

The beginning of a new year presents an opportunity to get organised. Whether you want to improve your health, increase productivity, or just stop double booking yourself in 2020, coordination is key. Which is why daily planners are your secret weapon. Create a daily planner for 2020 with a design and layout that suits your needs using a daily planner template.

What Are Daily Planner Templates?

Daily planner templates are pre-made graphic design templates that allow you to create and customize your own planner. You can choose colors, patterns, and imagery; customize fonts and typographic layouts; select the sections you’d like to make up your planner, from to-do checklists to specific health monitoring recorders.

So, to showcase the breath of the templates available, and their different functions and designs, we’ve put together this list of the 10 best daily planner templates for 2020.

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10. Daily Planner Workbook by TMint

With automatic numbering, column and grid formats, and editable colors and branding, Daily Planner Workbook by TMint is a very functional planner template. It features a lovely greenery themed design, and includes 25 different page templates, and editable paragraph styles. It’s all customizable in Adobe InDesign.

9. Daily To-Do List Planner Daytimer by VictorThemesNX​

Looking for a simple rinse and repeat to-do list that’s functional, but also looks good? Daily To-Do-List Planner Daytimer by VictorThemesNX is what you need. It features a beautiful pastel blue color scheme, functional white space, serif fonts, and offers numerous layout options. It’s available in three sizes: A4, A5, and US letter.

8. Daily Planner Workbook by TMint​

Beautiful, bright, and friendly, Daily Planner Workbook by TMint balances functionality with gorgeous design. It includes column and grid layouts, an eccentric cursive font (included in the main file), and features a beautiful textured pattern on the front page.

7. Life Planner Template (36 pages) by ClementineCreative​

Get straight down to business with this planner by ClementineCreative. This stripped down design puts the typography, and the content you insert, centerstage. However, you can add colors, and patterns, as well as change fonts easily in Adobe InDesign. It features 36 planner templates for yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily planning. It also includes specialized layouts for income, bills, goals, and more.

6. Worksheet Daily Planner Book – Two by TMint​

Bursting with energy, Worksheet Daily Planner Book – Two by TMint will add brightness to your day. That’s partly because of its use of yellows and blues, and pastel pinks and greens. Featuring 20 beautiful, minimal page templates, including to-do lists, activities pages, notes pages, and quotes pages, it’s functional and bold.

5. Koala Floral Vector Planner by NataliyaDolotko​

Ready to be printed, or used digitally on a computer or iPad, Koala Planner by NataliyaDolotko will put you at ease this year. It features adorable illustrations of koalas, and a soft, plant-based pattern that will line the pages of your planner. It includes calendars for 2020, and 2021, a birthdays page, daily planner, habit tracker, to-do list, and grocery list.

4. Daily Creator Planner Book Vol.01 by TMint​

This daily planner book template is built for creators. Consisting of the usual sections of a planner, including daily, weekly, and monthly views, to-do lists, and goals, it also provides labels for YouTube, Podcasts, Blogging, and others. And, you can edit it to apply your own unique legend. Plus, you can infuse it with your brand, adding colors of your choice, and fonts.

3. Wellness Planner by VictorThemesNX​

Featuring a clean, neutral design, Wellness Planner by VictorThemesNX is excellent for organizing, and monitoring your personal wellness. It comes in an A4 format, includes templates for journaling, goals, routines, and habits, and is easily customizable.

2. Worksheet Daily Planner Book – Three by TMint​

With a modern, yet professional color scheme of navy blue and pink, Worksheet Daily Planner Book – Three by TMint is an easy choice for a planner template. With templates for daily, weekly, and monthly planners, to-do checklists, goals, and even placeholders for inspirational quotes, it’s comprehensive, and handsome.

1. Weekly Planner Page Template by ClementineCreative​

Made to be printed, this beautifully designed template pack by ClementineCreative will put a smile on your face, and help you get organized. It includes space for your to-do lists from Monday to Sunday, your top 3 goals of the week, and extra notes. Colors, and layouts can be adjusted in Adobe Illustrator. And, out of the box, it features a clean, playful design.

With hundreds of templates to choose from in our library, and thousands of ways you can edit these templates to make them your own, it’s never been easier to personalize the way you get organized. Whether it’s adding unique fonts, changing color palettes, or changing a layout, using a daily planner template empowers you to be creative with your to-do list.

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