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100+ Creative, Mailchimp-Ready Email Templates

Mailchimp is one of the most widely-used and email platforms in the world; here’s 100+ beautiful, customizable email templates to download.

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Posted 9 Aug 2017

Mailchimp is one of the most widely-used and email platforms, with over 15 million users around the world.

A company that aims to be ‘better, weirder, and more human,’ Mailchimp is widely recognized for its user-friendly interface, viral podcast ads, and commitment to beautifully designed emails.

Mailchimp templates are provided by default in their template library. If you’re a Mailchimp user, the pre-defined templates on Mailchimp are a good place to start. Here’s what a few of their starter layouts look like:

Mailchimp’s predefined themes are a little more eye-catching:

Mailchimp’s templates are great for beginners, but if you’re looking for something a little more unique or customizable, using a creative template from an external designer is an easy way to break out of the cookie-cutter starting points.

According to design site Really Good Emails, the biggest email trends of the year include full-color backgrounds, crazy font choices, quote-ready text bites, and ‘tetris-like’ grids. The best Mailchimp templates incorporate the best of these trends and are easy to adapt to your brand or personal style.

All of the templates below are available to download on Envato Elements for a minimal monthly fee! P.S., we know that email design is only as good as the content that goes in the email – so while you’re there, check out our library of stock photos and graphics, too.

Mailchimp Email Templates

1. James – Responsive Email + Online Template Builder

2. Blade – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

3. Shop – Responsive Email + Online Template Builder

4. Kant – Responsive Email for Startups 50+ Section

5. Booster – Responsive Creative Business Email

6. Emailo – Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

7. Maverick – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

8. Atellar – Responsive Email

9. Trend – Responsive Fashion Email + Online Builder

10. Marquez – Email for Agencies 80+ Sections

Email Templates by DynamicXX

Best for clean, simple email templates tailor-made for your specific industry. View DynamicXX’s portfolio on Envato Elements

1. For creatives: James – Responsive Creative Email + Builder

This bestselling online template builder is compatible with all major email providers, including Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, FreshMail, and more. Within the online template builder, it’s easy to drag-and-drop until you get a unique email design, preview, and then export the ready-to-send file. It’s Litmus-tested and fully responsive.

2. For fashion: Trend – Responsive Fashion Email + Online Builder

Another template by DynamicXX, this Mailchimp template is more fashion-focused.

3. For businesses: Panaroma email template

4. For campaigns: Booster business email

More Templates From DynamicXX

Email Templates by LEVELII

StampReady is a platform that promises ’email marketing simplified’. These templates, created by LEVELII for StampReady, are also Mailchimp-compatible. View LEVELLII’s portfolio on Envato Elements.

1. Atellar – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

Atellar is a StampReady-compatible template. With product testimonial sections, upcoming events, article call-outs, and more, this template is responsive and simple.

2. Saturn – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

Another StampReady-created template, Saturn has unlimited colors and designs. Compatible with Android, AOL Mail, Apple Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, iPad, iPhone, Lotus, Mozilla, and Outlook.

3. Blade – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

4. Maverick – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

More Email Templates From LEVELII

Email Templates by CastelLab

Bold serif fonts and material design-inspired layouts mark the design style of CastelLab. View CastelLab’s portfolio on Envato Elements. 

1. Emailo – Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

This design is made for Mailchimp newsletter templates. Features include:

  • Export to Desktop as Responsive HTML, MailChimp , CampaignMonitor
  • Editable text content with WYSIWYG editor
  • Unlimited Pick Colour scheme and changes on the real time
  • Unlimited Variations and unlimited Drag & Drop modular
  • Duplicate & Delete modules

2. FireMail – Responsive Email + Online Template Builder

You will be able to create hundreds of different emails from just one template, the possibilities are endless with FireMail.

3. Light – Responsive Email and Newsletter Template

This grid-based design is unique for an email and would catch our attention as a newsletter or creative email. Works for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

4. Space – Responsive Email Template + Online Builder

Want to achieve an out-of-this world look? Luckily, we’ve also got a collection of space-inspired images and graphics.

More Email Templates From CastelLab

Email Templates By Theemon

1. Cloe – Responsive Email Template + Builder Access

Cloe promises ‘100% garbage-free coding’ to assure clean, clear email templates. Supports major email clients, multiple layouts and colors, and comes with a drag & drop template to make a unique Mailchimp email.

More Email Templates From Theemon

Email Templates by williamdavidoff

Looking for unique grids and bright colors? Check out these templates from williamdavidoff.

1. Faice Mail – 8 Unique Responsive Email Set

8 responsive themes means you can mix-and-match, and create a marketing set that’s coordinated and on-brand.

2. Smart Mail – Responsive E-mail Template

This modern design is a smart, color-focused template that’s sure to stand out in an inbox.

More Email Templates From williamdavidoff

Browse all 210+ Mailchimp-ready templates and many other web templates from our Envato Elements library. If you want to drive your sales funnel using email campaigns, you can start for free using Mailchimp for your first 2,000 subscribers. Or pick from this Mailchimp alternatives list.

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