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Envato Infamous Five: Items In Weird & Wonderful Places

It's always interesting to see where Envato items end up!

Posted 22 Aug 2016
Envato Famous 5

From music videos for pop-stars to campaign ads for presidential candidates to the opening titles of blockbuster films— over the last decade, Envato items have popped up in some amazing places. So to celebrate Envato turning 10, we’re spinning off the Envato Famous Five – our weekly series that highlights Envato items that have popped up in famous place— to have some fun! So join us as we take a look at five Envato items that have popped up in strange, risque and ultra-popular places.

This is the Envato Infamous Five!

1. This Unicorn Changed The Way I Poop #SquattyPotty

So first up… Just watch this. Yep, that was a unicorn pooping rainbow-coloured ice cream.

This infamous ad will blow your mind in every way imaginable. You literally can’t watch it and think about unicorns, ice cream or going to the toilet the same way again. And that’s exactly what the makers of the Squatty Potty are going for. The Squatty Potty is essentially a little step you put under your feet when you’re going to the toilet. And it claims to be able to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, constipation and – I quote – a buttload of other crap. Making pooping more intuitive just by changing the way you sit.

The commercial is completely otherworldly featuring a unicorn pooping rainbow ice-cream which is then eaten by a Scottish man with porcelain skin, dressed as if he’s about to deliver lines of Shakespeare, as well as a bunch of innocent-looking children. And, I just don’t know what else to say about it really. Other than this commercial went absolutely viral when it came out last year and is currently sitting on over 25 million views on YouTube. And that at 50 seconds in it plays Stockwaves’ AudioJungle item “Fanfare!” when the Squatty Potty itself is revealed. I do hope they sent you a Squatty Potty to try Stockwaves. It’s the least they could do!

2. DPR of Korea


Back in 2012, a group called the Korea Friendship Association – referring to themselves as the “first DPR (Democratic People’s Republic) Korea Government – started a website that gained a bit of notoriety.

It wasn’t so much for what they stood for or were proposing to do. But because they’d used an Envato item to build their website.

In fact the term “build” is probably a bit generous. Because – as this Wired article notes – they simply applied the theme to their website without customizing it at all.

A keyword search for “envatowebdesign” will turn up a prompt comment from the site’s theme seller telling the person who bought it how to customize. Only whomever built the thing for Pyongyang didn’t bother. It’s a bit like leaving the plastic overlay on your fancy new TV telling you about the screen size. A quick check on the source code of the IgniteThemes “Blender” template confirms that it’s what North Korea built. Price check? $15. – Wired.com

Student Michael DiTanna originally stumbled across this revelation while doing research for an assignment for his Korean history/political science course at Fordham University.

In little more than fifteen minutes he was able to look under the hood and discover this organization had spent little more than $15 on this ThemeForest theme by IgniteThemes called “ Blender ” – which is no longer available – and had neglected to customize it much at all.

While the site is a little flash heavy, I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as this Wired article suggests. But the juxtaposition of North Korea’s reputation as an elite nuclear power, along with the presumption that they lack enough technical know-how to be able to customize a web theme is truly funny.

At any rate, it’s a great story for IgniteThemes to hold on to.

You know, there are a lot of dating apps these days— from Tinder to Bumble to old school dating sites like eHarmony. But sometimes you just want someone to talk to.

If that’s the case, this next ad featuring an Envato item is for you.

3. ForeignGirlfriend.com

ForeignGirlfriend.com is an app that allows you to “flirt without borders”. It hooks guys and girls up with women from all over the world, for those people who just want to talk to their Russian mail order brides, not meet them in person.

And one of its original promo videos was underscored by the conveniently titled AudioJungle track, “ Bringing Hope ” by OneWaveRecords , which I can only assume is the mantra that drove the creation of this app.

4. Adam & Eve “Edna” 30 Second TV Spot

In a similar vein, if you’ve ever ordered something that needed to be delivered in the most discreet way possible, this ad is for you.

AdamandEve.com— which specialises in selling “highly personal items” – has put together this ad featuring “nosy Edna” sending off well-disguised packages straight to you.

While I obviously can’t elaborate on what’s inside of those packages, I can tell you the ad uses AudioJungle track, “ Bossanova Supermarket ” by Gae47 in the background, which is what brought it to our attention.


5. Fifth Harmony – Worth It ft. Kid Ink

Finally today, an Envato item features prominently in a music video that has received over 1 billion views on YouTube.

VideoHive item “ Stock Market Ticker ” by Puk runs across the back of this music video for “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony.

This is a truly massive achievement and speaks to the quality of this VideoHive item in that it was used for such a high profile piece of work.

And I think if anything, speaks to how far Envato’s marketplace has come in the last ten years. Just since I started the Famous Five we’ve uncovered Envato items used in everything from blockbuster films, to presidential campaigns, to videos for ultra-famous pop stars.

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