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9 Tips to Grow Your Envato Studio Sales

Discover 9 tips to grow your sales on Envato Studio.

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Posted 27 Apr 2016
Envato Studio

Envato Studio provides a great opportunity for talented designers, developers – and now content writers – to earn money doing what they love.  And while it enables you to spend more time on your craft and less time on those boring ‘business things’ (finding clients, sending invoices, chasing payments etc), making the most of the opportunity takes more than simply producing great work.

With that in mind, here are 9-tips that are easy to action, and will ensure you’re set for success.

1. Obsess Over Your Looks

We all sometimes judge a book by its cover, so it’s important you look the best you can. Be sure to check your service and profile pages, and also how your service appears on a category listing page. Sometimes that great image on your service page doesn’t look so good on the service listing page.   There are plenty of awesome examples you can get inspiration from, and if design is not your strength, you can always get an Envato Studio designer to give you a hand.

2. A Clear Service Title and Description

At a minimum your service title and description must make it completely clear what users can expect from your service. Successful service providers do more than this – they use this space to tell prospective buyers exactly why they should work with them.  Delivering fantastic work is part of this, but you may also want to tell them why you are great to work with, the process you use, or anything that differentiates you. Encourage people to contact you if they have further questions and please ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

Be sure to also check-out Jordan’s previous post with specific tips for your service page

3. Find the Right Price for Your Service

We think it’s important for Service Providers to set their own price – only you know what your time is worth.  That said, it is worth keeping an eye on how similar services on Envato Studio are priced. You can also use the ‘Extras’ feature to provide more flexibility with your pricing. For example, charge a base rate for the most basic part of your service, and provide ‘Extras’ that customers can add to their order.

4. Be Responsive. Always

We are constantly told that prompt communication is one of the most important things from a buyer’s perspective. It is critical that you respond to all enquiries as soon as possible. If someone has sent you an enquiry, they have sought you out and are close to making a purchase so you need to respond to them. Responsiveness will soon be a factor in where services are listed on the category and search results page – so do not respond at your own risk. Note: if you’re too busy to respond, you should pause your service.

Prompt communication is also important during the job.  Even if the job will take a while, you should keep your buyer up to date with your progress.

5. Always be Closing

Yes, it’s a term loved by salespeople, however a few simple changes in behaviour can see you easily move prospective customers to paying clients. When sent an enquiry, the best Service Providers respond (quickly) providing the potential buyer:

  • A clear answer to their questions – show that you understand their problem.
  • Assurance that you are the right person for the job – tell them about similar jobs you have had success with, how you would get started etc.
  • A strong call to action to entice the buyer to purchase (eg: “book now and I can start immediately”)

6. Provide an Awesome Customer Experience

Delivering great work is mandatory if you’re on Envato Studio. The best Service Providers also provide an awesome customer experience through the entire job. This leads to better reviews, more referrals and repeat work.  Stay in contact with your client (even if just to say you’re still working on the job), ask questions if you are unsure of something, over-deliver when you can (if you say it will take 3-days, try and do it in 2), and be nice : )

7. Beware of Taking Jobs Offsite

We still see the occasional case of jobs taken “offsite” – with payment and job management occurring outside of Envato Studio. Sometimes this is at the request of the buyer, other times the Service Provider. Most often these jobs do not end well. There is a disagreement over money, timelines or quality of work, and there is no one to mediate and resolve the dispute. This typically results in Service Providers not being paid – as we cannot get involved in jobs that happen offsite. As a reminder, Envato Studio cannot allow jobs to be taken offsite and will suspend any Service Providers who are involved in this.

8. Only Raise a Dispute When Absolutely Needed

Sometimes raising a dispute is unavoidable (and we are certainly here to help in such cases) however often you can resolve issues without raising a dispute. Try talking it out with your buyer, or sending us an email first and we can assist in keeping the job on track. Please note, that a high number of disputes may negatively impact your service’s position on category and search result pages.

9. Look Around Envato Studio

Simply look around Envato Studio to find Service Providers doing a great job regarding many of the points above. There is nothing wrong with getting some inspiration from them. If you need more help, why not get a Envato Studio Service Provider to help with the design and/or content of your pages – it’s well worth the effort.

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