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10 Best Broadcast Packages: Openers, Lower Thirds & More

Creating coverage for a news story or event? Take your video content to the next level with these broadcast packages.

Posted 13 Dec 2021
Best News Broadcast Packages and Templates

New stories, fashion shows, sports broadcasting, even awards ceremony coverage – whatever video content you want to share with the world, it’s easier than ever to achieve a polished and professional look, thanks to these ready-made and fully customizable broadcast packages for After Effects and Premiere Pro. To get ideas flowing before getting started, consider brushing up on your video marketing strategy and getting on top of this year’s top video trends, then read on to find the broadcast package that works for you.

What Is a Broadcast Package?

Put simply, a broadcast package refers to all those visual details that can take your video content from average to awesome. We’re talking about slick opening titles and seamless transitions, as well as lower thirds that give an eye-catching introduction to a special guest or regular segment. Done well, these elements will grab people’s attention and guide them through the viewing journey. 

Why Do I Need a Broadcast Package?

Text and image overlays, graphic animation and special effects can give TV programs, corporate communications, and YouTube channels a real edge. However, if you are the kind of creator who prefers to focus your time and energy on making and promoting content as opposed to editing content, then help is just a few clicks away. The answer? A ready-made broadcast package that’s bursting with customizable templates.

10 Best Broadcast Packages on Envato Elements

10. Broadcast Screen Package by Premiumilk

For high impact, this collection of bold and dramatic design templates is perfect for adding a super polished teaser, introduction or credits to your broadcast. Using lots of black, offset by glamorous cinema-esque lights, use it for high-end fashion or sports content.

9. My TV Broadcast Package by Pixflow

If you’re looking for something modern and stylish, look no further. This package by Pixflow is fast-paced and simple, with a mix of lower thirds options as well as reveals, credits and call-to-action options.

8. Multi-Platform NEWS Graphics ToolKit for Premiere Pro by framestore

Featuring 16 ultra-modern openers and placeholders, surround your video content with a range of active graphic elements that sweep, slide, and glitch their way across the screen. Thanks to shymoff’s fully customizable modular templates, simply select your color scheme and instantly get to editing.

7. Clean Broadcast Pack by Zorrin

Sometimes basics is best, and this pack by Zorrin has myriad options for commercial breaks, promo intros, end credits, sponsor call outs and time schedules. There’s over 50 scenes to choose from, and the unobtrusive, circular design is great for corporate branding.

6. The Complete World Weather Forecast ToolKit by framestore

A lot goes into reporting the weather – from maps, graphics and transitions, to icons, tables and fonts. This toolkit takes all the hard work out of it, and with graphic templates ready for all the constituent parts, all that’s left to do is bring the weather with you.

5. Business Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt by Proskurovskiy

Keep it all business with this pack, containing more than 80 graphic elements across 15 categories. The elegant designs are perfect for either TV or YouTube channels, and with a modular structure, it’s easy to use different parts as you need and update as you go.

4. Virtual Studio Set – S01 by HardEdgeie

Deliver updates from the newsroom, without ever needing to go to the studio. The video templates in this pack are suitable for everything from sports reporting to feature stories, and with camera movements based on actual live broadcasting, the effect is high quality augmented reality.

3. Clean TV – Stylish Broadcast Pack by Zorrin

Smooth and minimalist, this pack is great for creating or refreshing your channel. Championing highly visual designs which showcase images, alongside a wide range of lower thirds templates, these designs are ideal for inspiring viewers with travel or nature content.

2. Awards | Cinematic And Luxary Titles by George_Fx

For events and awards presentation broadcasts, this is the perfect video template package to have on hand. Build excitement for an action-packed show, or – in our ever more virtual world of work – use it for your own workplace events.

1. News Channel Pack by Aerocket

Last but not least, this pack delivers all the classic pieces of a breaking news broadcast. With creative designs that present a large amount of information clearly and engagingly, these video templates pack a punch.

So there you have it, 10 fully customizable broadcast packages to get your channels running smoothly while you focus on creating flawless content. Once you’ve got started, check out even more professional broadcast package templates specifically for After Effects. Or bulk out the packages you’ve been using with extra news templates for After Effects

To explore hundreds more templates – for video, as well as assets for all your creative needs – delve into the Envato Elements library and start browsing. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you’ll have unlimited downloads. And to keep up-to-date with trends, templates, tips and more, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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