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Best Date Picker & Booking Form Plugins for WordPress

Setting up your own date picker is much easier than it sounds. Discover the best WordPress plugins to choose from and in this post.

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Posted 5 Jun 2017
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Date pickers are a staple of modern web forms. They’re much easier to use than text fields when selecting dates for delivery, scheduling a meeting, or booking an overnight stay. And following this question on our forums, you can even add booking fields onto existing contact form plugins like CF7.

Setting up your own date picker is much easier than it sounds. There’s a ton of WordPress plugins and booking systems to pick from and in this post I’ll showcase the best options.

Whether you need a custom date field on your contact page or a user scheduling form, or anything in between, there’s a plugin here with your name on it.

1. WP Datepicker

The free WP Datepicker plugin is probably the best place to start. It’s fully compatible with jQuery and uses styles with modern CSS3 properties.

Right out of the box you can get this plugin working with Genesis, Thesis, and WooComerce frameworks. It also comes with a handful of different theme styles you can choose to match your layout.

This date picker field embeds right into a form. When selected the calendar input appears and the user can select a day/month/year combo.

Fields can be added dynamically or with code in the WordPress editor. But take a look at the plugin page to learn more and take a peek at this intro video made by the plugin’s creator Fahad Mahmood.

2. Contact Form 7 Datepicker

The wildly popular Contact Form 7 plugin is the typical choice for most WordPress users. And now with this datepicker plugin you can add calendar date interfaces right into any CF7 form.

This calendar uses the datepicker from jQuery UI which is widely supported on desktop and mobile. This CF7 datepicker is a foolproof way to enhance your contact form for scheduling, booking dates, or any other set time.

On the backend you can change the plugin’s default settings like ID/class, default year/month, total year range, and even the input animation(if any).

3. Gravity Forms Date

Another very popular form builder is Gravity Forms. This premium plugin is well known in the WordPress community and often hyped as the best form plugin around.

Well now there’s a Gravity Forms datepicker that you can add into any form on your site. It’s incredibly simple to setup and blends naturally into the Gravity Forms interface.

You can style the type of calendar to resemble a month/day, or a full year calendar. The user can also choose one specific day or a range of days depending on what you need.

Note this plugin uses the Datedropper jQuery design so it’s a partial customization made to run on Gravity Forms. If you’re a coder you might try to recreate this yourself, but if you’re short on time it’s easier to leave it to the pros.

4. Booking Calendar

One of the oldest and most stable plugins you can run is the Booking Calendar plugin for WordPress. It’s been around since 2009 and has a series of demos on the main site.

Users can select specific days and submit those in a form to your email(or database if using another plugin). You get full control over the field styles and you can customize how the date picker operates.

Once the user submits the booking form you’ll get an email where you can either accept or decline the booking. Super simple and very easy to pick up.

You can run this on any WP theme and it’s frequently updated to be fully compatible with the newest version of WordPress. This plugin is like a date picker and a booking form all rolled into one.

5. WP Booking System

One other alternative you might try is the WP Booking System plugin. This is a freemium resource where the free version is hosted in the WordPress plugin repo, but there is a paid version with extra features.

The free version has everything needed for a simple date field including a full booking management panel to accept/decline bookings as they come in.

This plugin supports multiple languages and it’s really simple to add into your site. It comes with widgets for your sidebar/footer and shortcodes for pages so you can get this running anywhere you need.

6. Bookly

If you’d prefer a feature-rich booking plugin then check out Bookly. It’s also built for modern WordPress websites and comes with a responsive dropdown calendar date picker.

It’s built for easy syncing with Google calendar and supports WooCommerce integrations too.

You have full control over the signup field so you can choose which dates aren’t available and which times fit best. This way users can book based on your schedule offering the greatest flexibility for webmasters.

If you’re looking for an alternative, Amelia could also work for you.

7. WooCommerce Delivery Date

If you sell physical products via WooCommerce then a straightforward delivery date picker might be a valuable asset.

This is naturally most useful for larger items where people want to be home to receive them. You can also use this as a “when to pick up” date form where customers tell you when they’ll come to pick up their purchase.

So maybe you repair watches or even do custom engravings for watches. Customers can order directly via your website and set the date when they’ll pick it up. This also supports a time range which lets you get very granular with your WooCommerce operation.

8. Easy Appointments

Online scheduling is perhaps the most-needed situation for datepickers. The WordPress Easy Appointments plugin is made just for this occasion.

You can run this on any site where appointments are necessary. Law firms, hairdressers, private coaching, massages, whatever. You just install this plugin, setup your appointment form and let it run.

You can even see a live demo of their basic form style, fully mobile responsive using the Bootstrap framework.

To get a full feature list and check out some screenshots take a look at the main plugin page.

9. Restaurant Reservations

Popular restaurants like to keep reservations during busy times of the week. And that’s why this Restaurant Reservations plugin is by far the best choice for any restaurant owner.

The plugin plays nice with any theme and fits into any page on your site. We’ve covered restaurant trends in the past and many are simple enough to replicate. And with plugins like Restaurant Reservations it’s even easier to add the custom features you need.

If you’re building a small bakery or BBQ joint this plugin won’t help much. But for busier restaurants with lots of foot traffic online reservations just make a sense.

10. Booked

For top-of-the-line booking and scheduling you should take a look at Booked. This massive plugin works on regular WordPress or WooCommerce, or even both!

It lets you create custom date slots for the specific days/times that work best for your schedule. When someone sets a booking time you can customize the email styles and sync those booking requests to your calendar(iCal, Google, etc).

We actually have a complete setup guide for this plugin that you can follow start-to-finish.

This is probably the most feature-packed plugin in the entire list, but once you get it working it’ll prove reliable for years to come.

With so many plugins to pick from it can feel overwhelming. But if you know why you need a date picker it’ll be easier finding the best choice for your project.

These plugins are all incredible and they each offer something unique. Take another look over the list and find more plugins over on Envato Elements.

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