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Top 10 Best Device Mockups for Photoshop: iPhones, iPads & MacBooks

Stock up on mockup templates for Photoshop to demonstrate the value of your work in digital contexts across Apple devices.

Posted 24 Feb 2021
10 Best Tech Mockups

Working in creative industries, most of us face the challenge of trying to communicate concepts in all their glory as finished products, to onboard decision makers and get the all important green-light. That’s where device mockups come in – allowing you to show your work in digital contexts.

What Are Apple Device Mockups?

Mockups can make the job of presenting your projects that much easier – bringing to life ideas in ways that have real-life applicability. Device mockups are especially important when demonstrating that a concept carries seamlessly across devices, getting to the audience at all the right touch points. 

How to Make a Mockup in Photoshop

With help from mockup templates, device mockups can be knocked together quickly. And stocking up with a range of templates – for iPad mockups, iPhone mockups, and any other tech mockup you might need  – can make short work of finding the right one when it comes to it. 

To see what’s trending in mockups across the board, look to Envato’s round up of mockup trends, featuring design tips and templates. To zoom out further and see what’s trending in graphic design more generally, look to this round up of Top 10 Best Graphic Design Templates for 2021.

But to get back to it, here we look at the 10 best device mockups for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

10. Classic Black

Black Laptop Mockup by MotionMediaGroup is a template for demonstrating websites, particularly their services and user interface. Using high-impact black, this kind of template is perfect to offset your designs and really hero your content – think dynamic and big audience-centric projects, like sports or wildlife themes.

9.  The Cover-all-bases

For concepts where the exact delivery is yet to be decided, it can be helpful to have variations on hand for presentations – or for your own use in deciding on which is the best design to put forward. MacBook Mockups by zippypixels is for showcasing iOS applications as well as web designs, and includes all of the salient Apple devices you’ll need: MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

8. Experimenting Made Easy

iPad and iPhone Mock Up from RetroBox gives you flexibility, with the ability to modify everything from logos and text to background colors and gradients. Perfect for experimenting, perhaps for those early stage projects, the three photoshop files are well organized and easy to customize.

7. Text to the Front 

Keeping it simple with one mockup can sometimes be the best way to go – especially if the design or concept you’re using it for needs a spotlight with everything else paired back. iPhone X Mockup by amritpaldesign is a great choice of template for just this. Think of using it for text-focused, bold and impactful ideas. 

6. Functional Design

iPad Pro Mockups by itscroma is designed for developers and UI designers, particularly focusing on showcasing details and giving you a chance to preview functionality. It includes perspective mockups, templates for both portrait and landscape, and an editable ‘hands holding the tablet’ option, giving you various ways to envision ideas in practice.

5. Jack of One Trade

iPhone 12 by QalebStudio is another example of the philosophy of ‘do one thing, do it right’, with a mockup that presents the iPhone 12 at different angles. It’s ideal for brands to demonstrate comprehensively how a design will work – think particularly for product launches or product showcases.

4. Simple and Sleek

Phone Mockup by docqueen features three options for phone colors (silver, space grey and gold). The four Photoshop files are easy to edit, have changeable background colors and fully separated light and shadow, making customizing a cinch. Try them with concepts featuring wood textures or nature themes, where your ideas will make an impact without being dramatic.

3. Pop of Color

For something colorful, fun and dynamic, look to Stylish iPad Mockup by one_zero. This mockup’s high energy is ideal for brands that feature event tie-ins, people-centric designs and calls to action. 

2. Up to the Minute

To set your concept apart as the very latest in innovation, going for a mockup in the new iPhone 12 Pro Max Pacific Blue is unrivalled. Use iPhone 12 Mockup by Scredeck to do it – as a photo-based mockup, it’s ideal for championing high quality photography, and is also super easy to edit. 

1. Keeping it Versatile

A go-to for the iPhone 11, iPhone Mockup by itscroma comes with eight fully editable Photoshop templates featuring various device-in-hand options. With a mix of light and dark versions, landscape and portrait, and interactive and passive hand positions, it’s specifically for developers and UI designers wanting to bring the real-life use of their concepts to life.

For more specific inspiration, on Envato Tuts+ we’ve also compiled lists of more than 30 of the best iPhone 11 and 12 mockups and 27 great mockups specifically for laptops.  

For even more options for your projects and the assets that are going to be most handy for you, head over to Envato Elements to subscribe and start browsing. And to keep up-to-date with design trends, templates, tips and more, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel

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