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Best Epic & Uplifting Motivational Music Tracks

Music effects our mood in mysterious ways and, with the right track, you can inspire enthusiasm in your audience.

Posted 1 Sep 2020
Best Epic & Uplifting Motivational Music Tracks

What is Motivational Music?

Of all the methods for inspiring audience engagement with your video content, making use of uplifting and epic motivational music is simply the best (better than all the rest). But what exactly is motivational music? Eye of the Tiger seemed to work for Rocky, Karate Kid wore out his tape deck looping You’re The Best Around, and a scientific study recently enthroned Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now as the most uplifting song of all time.

These undisputed classics of the motivational music genre all feature 150 BPM tempos, soaring major keys, and lyrics that you can belt out in the shower. While your patience for novelty 80’s bangers may vary, there’s always going to be a song or two that lifts your mood without fail every single time. And that’s the aim of motivational music. Because no matter what you’re into musically, a motivational track should grab you by the lapels and encourage you to hold your head high and believe in yourself.

Why Does Music Motivate Us?

The answer lies in the complex relationship between music and our bodily chemistry. Basically, whenever we hit play on a beloved music track, our brains respond by releasing a boatload of our old friend “dopamine.” Dopamine is the chemical that regulates pleasure, motivation, arousal, and goal-oriented behavior. It’s what your body releases in response to food, money, and even love. And it’s because music is so tightly linked with most fundamental reward systems in our bodies and brains that the right track can raise your mood, reduce mental fatigue, fuel productivity, and improve self-esteem—all of which are essential components for remaining motivated, concentrated, and enthusiastic.

How to Use Motivational Music in Your Video Content

Amping up your audience for a product reveal? Pick an opening track with a beat that’s dynamic and propulsive, one that raises the expectations and the heart rate of your audience at the same pace. Get those positive associations flowing between the track and your brand.

Looking to gain subscribers by providing a rewarding experience that people want to return to in the future? Try bookending your video with upbeat, uplifting tracks that entice viewers to watch further before leaving them satisfied for having spent time with your content.

Another classic approach involves using a background track to keep the energy flowing throughout the length of your video. Modernity hasn’t been kind to our attention spans. An energetic, uplifting track in the background counteracts our tendency to zone out and click elsewhere, ensuring that your content gets all the attention that it deserves.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to pumping up your audience with motivational music (check out our guide to the best podcast music tracks for some inspiration on using music to elevate your content). The most important thing is to trust your instincts and get experimenting with great motivational tracks. And what would you know? Our Content Specialist for Audio, Adrien Gardiner, just so happens to have picked out ten of the most uplifting anthems ever to have graced the airwaves. What a coincidence. Enjoy!

10. Motivational by IvanLuzan

A clean and compelling combination of syncopated, palm-muted guitars and delicate piano stabs make this a perfect background track for your video content.

9. Inspiring Arpeggiated Guitar by Neoclassic

Tug on the heartstrings of your viewers with this moving layered composition centered around a finger-picked acoustic guitar and gentle synthesizers.

8. Motivational by LuckyBlackCat

Looking to give your audience the thirst for adventure? This epic number is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping and have you clapping along before you know what’s hit you.

7. Positive Inspirational Motivational Tech Corporate by MusicalSmile

A track that simply sparkles with energy. We particularly love the interplay between the organic instruments and the digital elements on this one.

6. Motivational by Twisterium

Out to give your audience goosebumps? Look no further than this delicately arranged motivational anthem.

5. Optimistic Ambient Corporate by AudioZen

A playful and optimistic little track that’s as fresh and uplifting as waking up to a warm spring morning. We dare you not to smile along.

4. Motivational by alexbird

Set the hearts of your audience racing with a track that makes effective use of a string quartet to build (and build some more) to an utterly devastating finale.

3. Happy Upbeat by BearStockMusic

Dueling guitars and defiant vocals give this track enough energy to propel your audience into the stratosphere.

2. Motivational by MrClaps

This riveting track is crammed to the gills with energy and emotion. It’s almost too exciting. Oh, and one more thing. Wait for the drop at 0:35. We guarantee it’s worth your while.

1. Advertising by PaBlikMM01

A gorgeous descending chord progression coupled with vibrant percussion make this track a kinetic masterpiece that’s as addictive and animating as anything that we’ve heard for months.

So there you have it! 10 of the most energetic, inspiring, motivating tracks for use (and abuse) across your video content. Check the pulse of your audience with a little A/B testing, and you’re certain to see that videos featuring inspiring, motivational tracks are the ones that your viewers are coming back to time and time again.

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