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Top Premiere Pro Templates to Animate Your Next Video

Animation is becoming a necessary part of the video production process. We've launched a category for Premiere Pro Templates. Here are some of the best.

Posted 13 Dec 2017
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Expectations on video content creators are rising.

It’s no longer enough to have your content beautifully shot and edited. Increasingly, it’s expected that it will include elements of animation.

These skills don’t come naturally for everyone. But they’re becoming a necessary part of sustaining viewer attention.

Vox videos are a great example of this done well.

Each one seamlessly blends footage with animations that emphasize the content.

Vox, like a lot of publications producing this style of video, have a team that works on this stuff. That’s not going to be the case for most video creators.

So, with animated titles and graphics becoming more of a standard, what should you do?

What Are Premiere Pro Templates?

For a long time there have been After Effects templates. These work well, but for filmmakers the program can be daunting to use. It also means you’ll be going back and forth between your editing program and After Effects for each animation.

These are issues Adobe is attempting to solve.

The company recently announced a new file format called Motion Graphics Templates. These allow you to edit a graphic template entirely within Premiere Pro, Adobe’s popular film editing program. Meaning, it’s now a lot easy for filmmakers to include animation in their projects.

Accordingly, here at Envato, we’ve we have a category on Envato Elements and VideoHive for Premiere Pro Templates.

To give you a taste of it, here’s our list of some of the best Premiere Pro templates

Openers, Transitions, Titles, Sound Effects Packs

200+ Pack: Transitions, Titles, Sound FX by Danimotions

This is a huge Premiere Pro Pack contains more than 200 creative assets. From transitions to animated titles, to sound effects, it’s got all you need in one toolkit.

140 Flash FX Premier by Recarto

Want to add a bit of comic book flair to your video? This pack by Recarto will deliver what you need. With 20 smoke explosions,  electrical discharges, animated transitions, and templates, you’ll be able to apply the characteristics of The Flash, or Back to the Future to any element in your project in seconds.

3. Titles and Lower Thirds by flikmotion

The BOXD line of products is very well known to VideoHive customers, and now they’ve made a Premiere Pro version of their popular Titles and Lower Thirds pack. These work extremely well for autoplaying videos that use a lot of captions. They’re minimal, yet bold enough to look modern, and funky, yet not distracting. Highlights of this pack include the fact that the boxes are self-sizing, meaning no tricky adjusting of the boxes to fit the amount of text you want to insert. There are 20 templates included. You get color control. And it’s really easy to use.

4. Simple Opener by Power_Bank

Bold, smooth, and simple, this opener by Power_Bank is versatile. With large text that inhabits the screen in a commanding way, transitions and animations that make use of contrasting colors, which you can customize and animations that use the entire canvas, this well-organized project makes it easy to take your video to the next level.

5. Drawing Opener by Igorilla_motioN

This beautiful drawing opener allows you to turn your photos and footage into a stunning animated sketchbook. It features 17 text holders, 15 placeholders, and runs at 01:35.

6. Titles and Lower Thirds by motioncan

This titles pack stands out from the pack because of the spin it puts on otherwise pretty standard templates. The animations are also unique. There are 25 ready to use titles and lower thirds included. Plus, a video tutorial to help ease you into the workflow.

Youtube Promo by RVGanimation​

If you’re a YouTuber who wants to stay on-brand with the video platform then this may be a good promo pack for you. Featuring a cube animation which you can insert your videos into, plus an avatar and channel name template, you’ll find it easy to promote your channel no matter where this video is consumed (even on Facebook!).

Transitions by BerSteve

This bunch of eye-popping, creative transitions may be the perfect detail to add to your video. They’re all very cute, and some are pretty unique in their design, colors, and animation. These would be a great fit for videos targeting a millennial Snapchat generation audience.

Slideshow Templates

Clean Slideshow by Ndeyase

This slideshow template is fresh and comes with everything you’ll need to create a great video. There are no plugins required. It includes 12 media placeholders and text placeholders. It also features a well organized, easily customizable modular structure.

10. Urban Style by hgungor

This slideshow template is easily editable featuring drag and drop functionality. It features a punchy urban style and is full HD. To get it working it comes with a video tutorial. It’ll take your project from being a basic photo slideshow to being an engaging video experience.

11. Favorite Memories by lexel

This beautiful template pack comes in two versions: a 1-minute version, and a longer one at 2 minutes and 10 seconds. The short one includes 13 media placeholders, and the long version includes 32. It uses a modular structure which allows you to freely change the duration of each scene. Its drag and drop functionality makes it easy to insert your videos and photos and change the text. A detailed video tutorial is provided. And this template is well suited for romantic projects like weddings or anniversaries.

Square Premiere Slideshow by King_Solomon

This template has an awesome look, great design and clean titles. It features photography animated in a creative way, has easy to use drag and drop functionality, and works with photos and videos. It includes 25 media placeholders and six text placeholders.

Family Story - Retro Slideshow by meushproduction

Set within the context of opening credits, this template will compile your photos or videos into a unique slideshow. Your media will appear as polaroid photos, and projections of the reel. It also comes with the sound effects you can hear in the demo and a video tutorial.

Slideshow Opener 04 by CarlosZiadeh

This slideshow opener is perfect for films, documentaries, corporate presentations, and travel slideshows. It’s offered in full HD, with 13 image/video placeholders, 10 text holders, 1 logo templates, dust and light details and more. It also includes a video tutorial to help you use it.

15. Elegant Slideshow by mdlabdesign

This slideshow template feels fresh and, as the title suggests, elegant. The wipes from shot to shot and ripple effects on the footage along with that glisten make it feel cool but not cold.

Modern Slideshow by Power_Bank

Modern Slideshow template offers 17 photo/video placeholders, 12 editable text layers, and one logo placeholder. It’s a good fit for fashion, sports, or travel products. It’s fit for use on TV shows, commercials, and online videos. Its quick, energetic feel captures the eye.

Filmstrip Slides by RVGanimation

Get emotional with this template. This beautifully crafted aged film template will showcase your photos in a way that feels authentic. It comes in a longer version, (2:10) and a shorter version (1:10). And it includes 35 photo/video placeholders, as well as 35 text placeholders.

18. Ink Slideshow by Media_Stock

This stunning ink slideshow will lift your media into something impressive. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping your footage and changing the text. It includes an easy to understand video tutorial covering how to use this template. 11 photo/video placeholders are offered, including 11 text holders.

Corporate Video Templates

19. Collage Corporate Promo by minimalmovie

This Premiere Pro template is tidy and creative. It features an elegant collage design that can be customized in just a few clicks. It contains 18 text placeholders and 10 media placeholders. No plugins are required, it renders fast, and all combines to allow you to create corporate videos quickly.

Plexus Corporate by yura_fresh

This clean, professional, and modern template is great for modern corporate videos. 10 photo/video holders and included, as well a PDF and TXT tutorial.

21. Clean Presentation by King_Solomon

This template is a good fit for professional presentations, although a little unconventional. It’s ultramodern, features a unique, colorful design, and clean animations. The drag and drop functionality makes it simple and fast to create something amazing. It’s well suited to slideshows, promotions, events, commercials, and more.

22. Corporate Premiere Presentation by King_Solomon

This is a universal Premiere Pro template featuring a clean design with smooth animations. It’s fantastic for business presentations, corporate slideshows, promotions, and events.

23. New Line – Corporate Presentation by Mr_Free

Looking for a stylish, elegant slideshow template with simple text animations? This template is a great choice. It contains 10 image/video placeholders, 9 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder. It also uses a modular structure, making it easy to customize.

Fashion Video Templates

24. Fashion Promo by mdlabdesign

This template commands attention. Its clever use of zoom and parallax effects help it engage the eye. These effects, when mixed with other elements like text, really pop. With no plugins required and fast rendering, it’s a great experience to use.

Fashion Clean Slideshow by PurpleElkStudios

This pack is a powerful slideshow template with a retro-looking design. It features elegant text animations and smooth transitions. It comes with 5 editable text layers, 6 image/video placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s easy to use and makes for a delightful video opener.

Clean Slideshow by King_Solomon

Clean Slideshow is a beautiful Premiere Pro template with a minimalistic, eye-catching design. Everything from the images, to the text and colors is editable. It’s the perfect project to display your photos for weddings, anniversaries, vacations and more.

Glitch Video Templates

27. Glitchmaker Toolkit 350+ Elements by Jilrock1

This pack features a versatile set of glitch effects and sound effects to make your video seem either futuristic or retro. With more than 60 transitions, 50 titles, 200 sound effects, and 60 overlays, you’re well catered for. It uses a modular structure, no plugins are required, and it’s in full HD. It stands out from other glitch templates out there.

Glitch Opener by PurpleElkStudios

This powerful template features a retro design, and elegant text animations, and transitions. It includes 9 image/video placeholders, 7 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s a great opener for corporate presentations, promos, and more.

29. Inspiring Glitch Opener by vals_valley

Inspiring Glitch Opener is a stylish and modern Premiere Pro template. This project is perfect for your promo, opener, showreel, slideshow or special event montage. Create your next inspiring video in only a few minutes. It’s simple to use with 14 image/video placeholders, 8 text placeholders, 1 logo placeholder, and more.

Glitch Opener by GR-44_NE

Glitch opener makes for a perfect intro. It’s great for a photo/video slideshow, tv-show or any other media product. You can use images instead of videos in all the placeholders. You can easily change the colors in just one simple step. It features drag and drop functionality for inserting your media and audio. After that, you hit render, and you’ll get yourself a video. It features 10 text placeholders, 18 photo/video placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s easily editable with just a few clicks.

31. Action Glitch Opener by ouss

This stylish, professional glitch opener is perfect for movies and commercials and more. It features drag and drop functionality, and contains 10 different scenes you can use and order as you desire. A full video tutorial is included for you to use the product with ease.

Color Grading

CINEPUNCH Video Creation Suite by PHANTAZMA

This enormous library of motion design tools will help any video creator. It provides plenty of tools and controls to enhance the final look of your project. It’s easy to use with drag and drop functionality. Plus video tutorials are included.

Urban Video Templates

Urban Intro by RVGanimation

RVGanimation’s Urban Intro feels unique among urban packs. It has a nice mix of using text, footage, and aged film filters. It feels like a cohesive assortment of elements that is ready and waiting for you to insert your footage. It includes 14 media placeholders, 9 text placeholders, and more.

34. Big City Life // Urban Promo by vals_valley

With a mix of ripple effects on the footage, as well as select areas of color grading to and from black and white, and the addition of small details like the + and o signs, this pack gives you a lot to customize and work with. It has a modular structure, includes 34 image or video placeholders, 40 title placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder.

35. Dynamic Urban Opener by Power_Bank

This template really fits the YouTube trend of the moment, featuring 29 photo/video placeholders, 17 text placeholders, a modular structure, and an easy to use UX.

Modern Video Templates

36. Modern Opener by NobleMetal

Modern Opener is really effective in how it plays with the whole canvas of the screen. The way each template animates either zoom out from that borders of the screen, with the text following the movement, or slides from the side of the screen, again the text not following far behind. It simultaneously creates a sense of space and depth, and attracts the eye, feeling immersive. It includes 38 photo/video placeholders, 15 text placeholders, a modular construction, and a video tutorial.

Minimal Opener - Dynamic Promo by King_Solomon

Short and sweet, this opener is simple and effective. The elements fill the screen, and the way the boxes, the text, and the footage marry together is something special. It’s fantastic if you’re looking for a slick, clean design. 4 media placeholders are included. 8 text placeholders.

38. Classic Intro by Media_Stock

Clean and elegant, this intro template is wonderful for a modern and professional project. Featuring placeholders for your footage or photos that glide in a unique way across the screen, accompanied by a soft blue color scheme, and simple text placeholders, it’s easy to see how this pack could work well for a variety of projects.

Modern & Clean Presentation by King_Solomon

Modern and professional-looking, yet uniquely versatile, this pack provides a fully realized concept that’s tidy and fresh. With 12 media placeholders, 12 text placeholders, useable by dragging and dropping your content into them, it’s perfect for corporate presentations, promos, news explainers, and much more.

Creative Titles & Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro by shape_aep

This pack gives you what you’ll need to create fresh, modern-looking titles and lower thirds all within Premiere Pro. It’s a similar concept to the popular BOXD version of this product, but a little more unique in some of its layouts and animations.

Minimal Art Titles by minimalmovie

This striking pack of minimal titles are clean and dynamic in their design and usability. They’re ideal for everything from high-quality videos on culture, technology, or even corporate topics. They’re easily customizable and require no plugins.

These templates and so many more are part of our Premiere Pro Templates category on VideoHive. You can also get Premiere Pro templates as part of your Envato Elements subscription, or free Premiere Pro templates over on Mixkit now.

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