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Top 10 Best Royalty-Free & Relaxing Nature Sounds 2020

From the gentle pitter patter of rain to buzzing bees, enjoy this selection of ambient nature sounds.

Posted 26 Jul 2020
Royalty Free Nature Sounds

Nature is abundant with noise, and gives us some of the most evocative sounds that humans can recognize. If you’ve been looking to download nature sound effects for your projects, look no further than the royalty-free sounds of nature we’ve rounded up here.

Why Is Sound Important?

The importance of sound in marketing and advertising content is well-established. This is because sound can move us in ways that visual content can’t; it lights up different receptors in our brains and connects us to a different range of associated memories. 

The combination of sound effects with complementary visual or spoken content can thus produce a reaction that neither can on its own, and can either distract from or elevate your message – so it’s important to strike the right note.

What Are Nature Sounds and Why Use Them?

A natural sound is broadly defined: it could be any sound produced without human intervention. A range of natural sounds together can create a rich but familiar soundscape, and a sensory experience for the listener. It’s for this reason that nature sounds are often associated with calming practices like meditation or sleeping apps, and can summon feelings of nostalgia and positive memory correlations in a matter of seconds.

They’re also generally at a pleasant pitch, and oftentimes will work consciously and subconsciously to produce a reaction. Think warbling birds noises, the tinkling of running water, a quiet forest or sweeping wind (the popularity of which are reflected in this list of highest rated sound effects on AudioJungle). It follows then that nature sound effects are routinely employed to enhance content, aiming to elicit an emotional connection from the listener. Nature is a 2020 visual trend that we’ve identified too.

With this overview in mind, here’s our count down of the top 10 royalty-free nature sounds for 2020.

10. Nature Rain by lokohighman

Nature rain by lokohighman is a perfect backdrop for any project you have in the works that requires a gentle and calming ambience. It builds a full atmosphere of a forest rain, with the inclusion of subtle chirps and crackling branches.

9. Frog Nature Ambience by HollywoodEdge

This frog-specific natural sound by HollywoodEdge is ideal for building suspense. Use it in an opener or to reset the pace of a video. At a fairly lengthy 34 seconds, there’s also opportunity for picking and choosing between the layered croaks, depending on the level of intensity you’re looking for.

8. Nature Forest Atmosphere by JiltedGeneration

This sound effect by JiltedGeneration manages to achieve the feeling of being deep in a lush forest, while still offering a light sound overall. It’s easy to bring the woods to life with this tranquil and peaceful soundscape – ideal for invoking ideas of waking up or, for example, of a new product coming on the scene.

7. Distant Thunder Nature Footage Sound Clip by sonic-boom

For something a little more dramatic, the sound of distant thunder by sonic-boom can lend itself to a chilling and tense moment. Try it with a general brand promotion or as part of a multi-layered story told through video.

6. Bees in Nature Ambience by FxProSound

Nothing evokes a warm and sticky summertime like the sound of hundreds of insects buzzing in chorus, so the Bees in Nature Ambience by FxProSound is a clear winner for those hot-weather campaigns. Creating a sense of annoyance, becoming overwhelmed, or building to a solution, this sound effect can be used to a range of effects.

5. Wind Loop by Ghetty

Light, airy and steady, Wind Loop by Ghetty is a fresh and clean sound that can be used throughout your projects. Although a nature sound, it’s also one that can be used equally as seamlessly in an urban landscape as outside of it. It’s intended to be looped, so it’s ideal for use as a consistent background noise.

4. Fish Splash by applehillstudios

This playful sound effect by applehillstudios brings to mind jumping, flapping and splashing. It could easily lend itself to either the comedic or dramatic, for anything involving adventure or outdoor hobbies.

3. African Nature Day Ambience by Sound-Ideas

Honing in on the desert sounds of sprawling grasslands, African Nature Day Ambience by Sound-Ideas is full of the calling and chirping of birds and animals. You can nearly feel the midday sun streaming down and the gentle breeze on long-grass.

2. Roaring Waterfall by Ghetty

A staple sound of any natural audio library, the majestic rush of a waterfall is a well-known and high impact sound. Roaring Waterfall by Ghetty brings to mind action and movement, and the slap of water on rock could lend itself to frozen and icy themes.

1. Fire Burning (Loop) by urbazon

Finally, there’s no sound more comforting than a crackling open fire. There’s also no sound more suspenseful and ominous than an unwanted fire kindling. Fire Burning (Loop) by urbazon is your go-to for either scenario, and many options in between. It’s loop-able and versatile.

High quality sound effects can completely alter the effect of your content and can be the quickest way to elicit a response and set the mood for your listener. This top ten provides a taste of what’s possible with audio, and a great place to start.

But when you’re looking for the perfect sound, the range available can be as vast as nature itself. For hundreds more sound effect options, consider a subscription to Envato Elements

If you’re creating nature content from scratch, look to some of Envato’s tutorials, like How to Create a Nature Photography Slideshow – perfect for when you have a number of photos to display, as it includes tips and templates on using Adobe After Effects. To browse available PowerPoint templates, organized by season, head through to 30 Best Free Nature Templates.

And for more ideas, tips and expert insights, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato Youtube channel.

If you like the artwork in this article you’ll find it over on Envato Elements thanks to authors such as alexdndz and luisvilanova.

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