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Top 10 Best Video Marketing Templates 2021

From YouTube openers to Instagram story templates, it's time to unleash the best video marketing templates for your 2021 campaigns, sales and promos.

Posted 23 Dec 2020

Online video is going nowhere. Predictions suggest that the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021—a 19% increase from 2019. Whether you’re looking to jump on the video trend and revamp your social media video strategy, release a YouTube video announcing your new product, or even produce an infomercial to upload on your website, there are various techniques you can use to stand out.

What Is Video Marketing?

Ultimately, video marketing uses video to promote and market your product or service, educate your consumers, reach a new audience, boost engagement—or all of the above! Research suggests that the appetite’s there from consumers, with 54% wanting to see more video content from their favorite brands. To learn more about video marketing, take a look at our video marketing guide that explains its business benefits.

How to Make a Successful Marketing Video

  1. Set a clear objective: As French writer and poet Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” It’s vital to map out how you’re measuring the success of your video marketing campaign from the get-go. For more tips and advice, check out our video marketing guide
  2. Take inspiration from trends: In a crowded marketplace, researching common tropes within your field will ensure you don’t get left behind. You can explore the latest video marketing trends this way. 
  3. Use video marketing templates: You can get a subscription to Envato Elements and pick a video template that best suits your requirements. 
  4. Be original: Once you’ve picked your template, you can then quickly and easily customize it to tell your unique story.

Whether this is your first foray into video marketing or you’ve been producing binge-worthy content for years, preparing for a new campaign is an exciting time! Take a look at our 2021 marketing trends to stay ahead of the game. 

Top 10 Video Marketing Templates

Read on for our selection of some of the best marketing video templates available to download on Envato Elements right now.

10. Urban Instagram Stories by Nullifier

Designed to add a touch of urban cool to your Instagram Stories, this video marketing template is created with versatility in mind so could be used for channel branding, marketing campaigns, and brand promotions. Simply drop in your own photos, add your own text and logo, and change the colors. It comes with 15 beautifully designed vertical video templates. 

9. Minimal Logo – Elegant 3D Reveal by Zorrin

Wherever you’re sharing your video, picking this logo template effortlessly shows the viewer that the content is yours! This Premiere Pro video marketing template comes with seven logo reveals—each one is clean, modern, and clear. It’s also easy to change the color scheme based on your requirements.

8. YouTube End Screens by templatesbravo

Designed specifically for YouTube, this marketing video template comes with five end screens—each one including key information such as social media profiles, related videos, and ‘subscribe’ calls to action. Animations also help to bring the end screens to life and encourage users to act. 

7. Instagram Slideshow Pack – IGTV, Post, Stories by Zorrin

This impressive pack of Instagram slideshows deserves a place on the list of top video marketing templates for its versatility and eye-catching designs. Just add your images and text, pick your favorite style, and away you go! Instagram is a fast-moving place, so make sure to check out the latest Instagram video trends.

6. Instagram Stories No. 1 by Atamotion

Seeing as 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day, it’s a great opportunity to sell your products or services. Whether you’re promoting fashion, food, sports products, or even sharing your portfolio or friend and family photos, this template for video marketing comes with everything you’d need to stand out on people’s feeds.

5. Corporate Infographics Charts Pack by MotionMediaGroup

Maybe you need to put together a business presentation or an educational video, this bumper pack comes with 90 compositions including graphs and timelines, plus another 61 icons. The video marketing template also features full color control so you can pick your brand colors, and a smart chart creator so you just input the numbers and the correct charts quickly materialize.

4. Kinetic Typography by Therealist_Shop

If you want to catch your audience’s attention with bold turns of phrase, then this is a marketing video template for you! Mixing typography with cool waves and splashes of color, this is a simple yet effective option. It could also work well if you have an announcement to make or a giveaway.

3. Instagram Stories by Nullifier

Coming with a staggering 195 Instagram Stories and posts, this is a useful video marketing template and one that will ensure your profile never feels stale. The templates are designed for Stories (9:16), Portrait (4:5), and Square (1:1) and are easy to edit based on the information you want to share. You can also peruse more Instagram Story templates here.

2. 20 Modern Instagram Stories by Nullifier

Seeing as one-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses, you have a real opportunity to capture the attention of current and potential customers with this beautifully-designed template. Although each Story template is different in style, each asset is linked by its modern design and vibrant animations.

1. Typography Promo by Therealist_Shop

Our final choice is text-based and will certainly draw people’s eyes due to its bold yet simple feel. As you can see from the demo, it also makes use of impactful features including eyeballs and brains—impossible for idle social media users to passively scroll past! If you’d like to see a few more options, these social media templates will come in useful.

There’s a huge variety out there when it comes to the templates that can add a bit of pizzazz to your video marketing. To pick one of your favorites or view the full catalog, sign up to Envato Elements. For more video and design tips, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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