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Best Website Navigation Menus

A collection of inspiring website navigation menus for your webs design project.

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Posted 23 Feb 2017
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At the heart of every well-designed website is a navigation menu. It’s a digital index and online compass that guides the user around a website helping them discover what they’re looking for.

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This crucial element of a website is often overlooked. So, to serve as inspiration, we thought we’d spotlight some great examples of “nav” menus from around the Envato ecosystem, as recommended by our community, that combine both beauty and functionality.

SpiritApp Preview Image

A simple dark grey canvas, and a bright highlight color will get you far. creakits’ SpiritApp Navigation Bars for Landing Pages is guaranteed to do be both functional, and pretty. With standard navigation bars, dropdown menus, mega-menus and more included in the one pack, this item’s a no brainer for those wanting something that will just work.

The design of this menu is incredibly eye catching. From its bold use of yellow and grey, to the subtle animation you see when hovering over menu items. This menu has seven styles, and supports mega-dropdown, category, and custom posts. And, of course, it’s super-responsive. As a bonus, it’s also got a 3D fly out animation when hovering over main menu items, making this humble menu pack, a true visual spectacular.

gone - E-Commerce Fashion PSD Screenshot

With a clean and modern design, this navigation bar, by neegix, will suit almost any website. It’s easy to use with layers grouped and named, and it’s easy to customize. Perfect if you want something simple and versatile.

Recommended by Themetorium

FreeBird WP Theme Screenshot

Simple and clean, this type of menu is unusual in its layout and the way it expands. How it pops out from the side of the screen, and the animation of the words are nice if you’re looking to break from the norm.

LEVELUP WP Theme Screenshot

This slide top menu, part of GrafAS’ LEVELUP theme, is a perfect fit for a whole bunch of projects, and is unique among other themes because of its multi-column structure. It’s clean, good looking, and above all, clear and easy to interpret.

Portram Minimal Portfolio Template design

This portfolio template is simple from top to bottom, and that includes its navigation menus. Its basic in the best of ways, taking up the whole screen, no matter what size, and adding a simple transparent background behind the text.

7. Kalopsia Flat Menu Bars by Flatberry

This pack, by Flatberry, offers a modern navigation menu in line with current trends. The grey canvas with tasteful use of contrasting highlight colors make it perfect for professional and corproate websites. And, the search icon and user links make the menu complete.

And that’s not all we’ve got! Check out other examples of fantastic navigation design in our dedicated navigation bar template category on GraphicRiver, as well as our one-stop website template and theme shop, ThemeForest. Beyond that, head to our forums to find even more recommendations by our talented community.

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