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Best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro

Envato has an entire library of YouTube opener templates for Premiere Pro to build your brand on the channel without needing to use After Effects.

Posted 4 May 2018
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For YouTubers, a big part of what keeps people coming back to a channel is familiarity, which is established by them getting to know your personality and presentation style. Everything from the way you film your videos, to your on-screen graphic style contributes. Which is why a consistent opener is a must-have for a lot of successful YouTubers. 

Within those first few seconds – and they shouldn’t run longer than a few seconds – you can communicate the look, feel, and energy of your channel. The colors, animation, music, and footage you choose, should set the scene for each video you upload.

This may seem like a lot of pressure to put on an opener, but you shouldn’t be daunted. Envato has an entire library of YouTube opener templates, optimized to make the most of those first few seconds. And, the ones we’re going to talk about today are exceptionally easy to use, because they’re Premiere Pro templates. 

Premiere Pro templates are motion graphic templates that are entirely editable within the Adobe program. So, there’s no need to learn After Effects to create impressive animations like these. You just drag and drop the template you want out of the Essential Graphics section of the program, change the logo, and or text, and you’re done! Simple. 

So, without any further ado, here’s our list of the best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro.

This template is ready to go for YouTubers. The colors and animation already fit the bright, irreverent atmosphere a lot of YouTubers create. And, the colors, text, and logos are easily customizable within Premiere Pro. It features a comprehensive library of templates for everything from the opening of your videos, to the lower thirds, and transitions. It’s everything you need to brand your YouTube channel.

Short YouTube Intro is a ball of energy. Definitely suited to a young, energetic YouTube channel. It has 3 photo/video placeholders, and an avatar or logo placeholder. It’s also more than just an opener. Bundled with it are a bunch of “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons.

3. YouTube by flikmotion

There’s not much to this YouTube template. It’s perfect for an intro, or outro of a video. Simply showing a bit of footage, and the YouTube logo, with your channel URL beneath.

4. Dynamic Upbeat Opener by Power_Bank

For a fast-moving opener that feels fresh, this template by Power_Bank will hit the spot. It has a focus on video and photos, featuring 127 video and photo placeholders. It also features 24 text placeholders. It has a modular structure and will make for a modern, energetic opener.

5. Grunge Intro by Igorilla_motioN

This grungy template will turn heads. Depending on what audio track it’s paired with, it can be grungy, or just earthy. There are 11 placeholders for images, 12 text holders with a really simple, but effective style of panning back and forth from one image to the next.

6. Dynamic Slideshow by NobleMetal

With 42 media placeholders and 41 text holders, this slideshow pack provides a robust toolkit that will cater to a bunch of different styles of video. It fits into the fast-paced urban opener style that has become super popular on YouTube. And, with the ability to simply drag and drop your content into this Premiere Pro template, you’ll be starting your videos in an exciting way in no time.

7. Urban Opener by ArkaDIX

Another urban style opener, this one really shows off what makes this genre work. Fast switching between the footage, and still images. Splitting the frame into twos and threes. And, layering on text, and other, almost, glitchy elements to age the footage a little. This is another easy to use template that works with Premiere Pro. Just drop your media in, and you’re good to go.

Here’s another urban opener that comes with 22 photo/video placeholders, and 6 text placeholders.

This one comes with 19 media placeholders, 15 text placeholders, and a video tutorial.

10. Big City Life // Urban Promo by vals_valley

And this one includes 34 image or video placeholders, 40 simple to edit titles and 1 logo placeholder.

Powerful and stylish, Dynamic Opener is a Premiere Pro template with a modern design. It features cool glitching effects, elegant text animations, and swift transitions. This template includes 55 image or video placeholders, 7 editable text layers, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s really easy to use, and it makes for a perfect opener to an energetic YouTube video.

Stomp openers, named after the style of music they’re often paired with, are very popular with YouTubers. This one by voofka features 70 media placeholders, 40 text holders, and is ready to work with Premiere Pro.

13. Classic Intro by Media_Stock

Classic Intro is a simple opener template that glides from scene to scene. It’s clean, and elegant, featuring 8 image placeholders, and 7 text holders. It also comes with a video tutorial.

14. Dynamic Action Opener by Power_Bank

If your channel suits the vibe of an action movie, you might like Dynamic Action Opener. It’s fast, and punchy, and comes with 36 photo or video placeholders, as well 18 text placeholders.

15. Dynamic Fashion Promo by _Mirs_

If you’re a fashion or beauty vlogger, this opener is definitely one to consider. It features smooth animation, with fresh elements like the way it slices the text, and transitions from shot to shot. The colors are bright and beautiful, and overall it feels modern. There are 23 media placeholders, and 19 text placeholders included.

16. Cinematic Trailer by George_Fx

This trailer template is reminiscent of the types of openers that used to be more prevalent on YouTube. They’re still pretty popular with video game-related channels. It’s that epic style that matches that type of content. Not too much to do with this template other than to insert your text or logo.

Particles is an extremely elegant opener template, perfect for the simple flash of a channel name. It features beautifully animated floating particles behind your titles. Not much more to it, other than to insert your text.

18. Fire Titles by edum

Fire Titles are simple but stunning. Paired with the right footage, they can be extremely effective at making a striking impression on your audience. My only advice is to make sure your content matches how much this template will hype it up. Insert your titles, and you’re good to go.

Cinematic Opener well and truly lives up to its name. It will turn your still images or video into a stunning multilayered illusion. Place your text or logo on top of it, and you’ll blow people away. It comes with 13 media placeholders and 13 text placeholders.

20. Fast Colorful Opener by EquinoxCG

Fast Colorful Opener is a fast, colorful opener. Hah! As the title suggests, it’s quick, and bright, and does a great job of marrying text, and images together in a way that’s vibrant, and fresh. It’s perfect for travel, or food channel. It comes with 4 text holders and 5 media placeholders.

21. 80’s VHS Intro Pack | MOGRT for Premiere Pro by CandyMustache

And, finally, to my absolute favorite on this list. This 80s VHS intro pack nails the over the top animation style of that era. It offers a range of template options, all as ’80s as the next. And it comes complete with that type of authentic VHS noise that used to annoy those who wanted to watch a clear version of their favorite movie, which we now sell as an effect on VideoHive. As with most things from the 80s, this style has really come back thanks to things like Snapchat, Instagram, and shows like Stranger Things. So, a pack like this is a great choice if you’re a millennial-focused channel.

That’ll do it for our list of the best YouTube Opener Templates for Premiere Pro. Find more Premiere Pro templates on Envato Elements or get free Premiere Pro templates on Mixkit.

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