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Why You Need a Freelancer Blog: How to Boost Your Business with Blogging & Guest Posting

Thinking about launching a blog for your business? From listicles and how-to posts to tips and troubleshooting articles, here's how a blog can help to grow your online presence.

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Posted 12 May 2023

There are many ways to establish relationships with your customers, build brand awareness, and stand out from your competitors – and one of them is blogging. Regardless of your industry, creating a blog can be a strong move to grow your marketing efforts. Plus, working with bloggers to generate guest posts can be a smart strategy for boosting your business. 

Ready to get started? Here’s why your business needs a blog and how to start a blog with Envato Elements.

What Does a Blog Do? Benefits of a Blog for Your Freelance Business

A blog allows businesses to explore and discuss topics related to their expertise. Blogs can have many purposes, such as showcasing your product or service, boosting SEO, educating and answering FAQs, adding value to the customer experience, and demonstrating thought leadership. Some of the best-performing blog content includes listicles, tips and troubleshooting articles, and how-to posts. Here are a few key reasons to start a blog for your freelance business.

Increase Value

A blog can bring a website to life by providing a channel for fresh content and offering additional value to users or customers. Blogs offer a great opportunity to discuss current events and news and insert yourself into the conversation.

Boost SEO

Every article you write increases the number of pages on your website, making you more likely to appear in search engine rankings. If you post helpful, valuable content and follow SEO best practices, a blog can dramatically increase traffic to your website. In order to perform well, you must write blog posts with keywords and SEO in mind. This way, organic content will attract new potential customers.

Attract Customers

If you’ve made the effort to create a content strategy, your articles are more likely to attract new customers. Through a blog, your freelance business can increase audience engagement, positively impact customer retention and eventually lead to conversions.

Guest Posts

Your freelance business can benefit from exchanging links or articles with other brands, potentially leading to higher rankings in search engine results. Guest posts can also greatly benefit your website’s SEO ranking can benefit from guest posting – writing articles for other sites and posting guest articles on your own blog.

Why Are Guest Posts Important for SEO?

Depending on your business offering and the life stage of your website, guest posts can serve several different roles. 

Any website or blog can benefit from guest posts at the beginning of its life. This is because guest posts mention and link to a business from third-party authoritative sources, helping to drive traffic, generate new leads, and positively impact your SEO ranking. 

Regarding SEO, guest posts can have several different goals and objectives:

  • Increasing traffic. Adding active backlinks to your freelance business website allows you to attract a wider pool of readers and showcase your content to an extended audience. 
  • Boosting PR. Guest posts can promote your business through commercial brand placement, increasing overall brand awareness.
  • Generating leads. Guest posting can help you reach a wider audience by actively engaging customers through valuable content and direct calls to action.

Guest posting is not about chasing instant results – it’s a long-term game. By gradually drawing attention to your brand, you can cultivate a loyal audience and attract more business. 

What Should a Guest Post Include? 

As a rule of thumb, guest posts should match the overall content of the blog for which they’re written. They should mimic the tone of voice, editorial style, and messaging of the other content published on the website and align with the business’ audience brand values. 

A good guest post should be:

  • Interesting. First and foremost, a guest post should be interesting and add value to your website. It should include relevant information, reliable sources, interesting examples, and actionable advice for readers. 
  • Succinct. The shorter the guest post and the clearer the message, the more effective it will be. Ensure the article is simple, easy to read, and jargon-free.
  • Unique. Perhaps most importantly, guest posts should be unique and original. Replicating existing content is boring and can dramatically impact your SEO rankings.
  • Engaging. Guest posts should be thought-provoking and encourage your readers to interact and engage by leaving comments, liking, or sharing your post with their community. 

How to Start a Freelancer Blog on WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Ready to set up a blog for your business? From downloading your theme to choosing your domain, here’s how to set up a blog with Envato Elements on WP in three easy steps.

1. Install Envato Elements on WordPress

Login to WordPress and go to your dashboard. There you will find a Plugins tab. Simply click “Add New” and select Envato Elements from the search tab.

Envato Elements on WordPress

Then, simply install the Envato Elements plugin, activate it, and log in using your email address and password.

2. Choose a Blog Template from Envato Elements

Envato Elements offers a huge range of premium and free template kits for your blog. There are tons of creative, professional, and sleek-looking templates to choose from – simply type any keywords you’re looking for into the search bar and select the one that’s right for you.  

Envato Elements blog templates

You can click on any template to learn more about its design, explore it, and get a better idea of what the full page looks like.

exploring Envato Elements template

To use the template on your blog, create a page from the template by clicking the import template button. The template will then be imported into your library.

importing Envato Elements template

To use or edit a template, click Open Template in your Library. You can then add text and photos and customize the design to your branding.

3. Publish Your Blog

publishing your blog

To publish new blog pages, return to the dashboard to the pages tab, click Edit, add changes to the template, and publish your blog page. And there you have it! 

To Wrap Up

There are many advantages to starting a blog. It can help you engage new customers, convert leads, and boost SEO. From listicles and FAQs to full-fledged reviews, guest posts, or opinion pieces, a blog will help you increase website traffic and reach a wider audience. Happy blogging!

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