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Co-Founders, Culture Shocks and Robots

Will the future of work mean robots are your new colleagues?

Portrait for Envato By Envato
Posted 14 Aug 2018
Culture Shocks and Robots

Earlier this week, I had the chance to appear on That Startup Show to talk about company culture, what to look for in company hiring when it comes to complementary skill sets, values, and aspirations…and the brave new world where robots are your new colleagues!

It was definitely an enjoyable experience. While it was fascinating to see how a TV show is produced, it was terrific to also connect with innovative founders from around Australia. I was inspired to hear how they planned to grow their businesses, from small objectives to larger-scale growth.

Growth is also on our mind at Envato. We have more than 100 roles in Australia that need to be filled over the coming financial year, including 40 developers! That’s not to mention the growth of our Mexico business, Placeit. As a result, promoting Envato’s workplace culture is critical if we are to meet our talent goals, so it was refreshing to see that those same concerns were front of mind for the next generation of startup founders.

Envato's CPO Michelle Ridsdale and crew from season two of That Startup Show
Envato’s CPO Michelle Ridsdale and crew from season two of That Startup Show

People are really passionate about the topic of workplace culture, and the future of work. Themes such as automation, AI and scaling are on a lot of peoples minds right now, so it was exciting to be part of a national conversation on these topics!

This article was originally written by Michelle Ridsdale.

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