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Getting started with DaVinci Resolve: Top 10 DaVinci Resolve Tutorials in Tuts+ 

Color grading, color correction, visual effects, audio post-production. Is there anything DaVinci Resolve can’t do? Make the most of this fantastic video-editing application with our top 10 tutorials. 

Posted 21 Nov 2022
Getting started with DaVinci Resolve: Top 10 DaVinci Resolve Tutorials in Tuts+ 

What is DaVinci Resolve?

Adored by filmmakers and loved by visual effects fanatics, this powerful all-in-one video-editing software is bursting with post-production tools. It has various functions for editing footage, adding special effects, tweaking sound, and grading color. And – perhaps best of all – it’s free! The latest update makes working collaboratively in the cloud even more straightforward, meaning that sound mixers, color graders, and visual effects experts can all contribute to the same video at once.

How to Use DaVinci Resolve  

While this one-stop solution might seem overwhelming, DaVinci Resolve is divided into dedicated workspaces, making it easier to manage specific post-production tasks. For example, you can edit via the Cut and Edit pages, carry out color corrections on the Color page, and use the Fusion page to play with motion graphics and visual effects. 

From total beginners to experienced professionals, free and premium DaVinci Resolve templates will serve just the visual inspiration you need to get started. Envato Elements is your essential destination for video, music, sound FX, and more, all available with an unlimited creative subscription. And remember, Envato Tuts+ is a valuable resource, too, offering a learning hub full of free tutorials and courses ready and waiting for you to tap into. 

So what’s stopping you? Press play on these top 10 tutorials! 

Top 10 DaVinci Resolve Tutorials on Tuts+

1. A Quick Guide to the Layout in DaVinci Resolve for Beginners

Familiarize yourself with DaVinci Resolve with this quick layout guide. This video tutorial walks you through the basics, from opening the software and setting up your project to finding the necessary tools. 

2. How to Set Up Video Projects in DaVinci Resolve

Before importing your media, you must know how to set up video projects in DaVinci Resolve. Thankfully, this tutorial takes a practical approach to selecting the correct settings for you – so nothing stands in the way of your editing or color-grading creativity! 

3. In-depth Overview: Learn the Colour Tab in DaVinci Resolve

There’s no single way to color correct and grade video, which is why DaVinci Resolve has several inbuilt tools designed to support a variety of workflows. Whether you want to color correct from scratch or apply a Look-Up Table or LUT, this tutorial talks you through it.

4. How to Colour Grade Video Backgrounds in DaVinci Resolve

No matter how good your content is, the audience will notice if the background looks boring. Get the balance between ordinary and overpowering by learning to color-grade video backgrounds. From using shadows to create a contrast to scaling up and down the saturation, this tutorial will help you focus on what’s important.   

5. What You Need to Edit Audio in DaVinci Resolve

Editing audio? Then let us introduce the user-friendly, intuitive interface that is Fairlight. This sound-focused tutorial explains the easy-to-use audio editing and recording suite and the critical kit and equipment you need to produce sensational sound without breaking the bank. 

6. How to Use Noise Reduction and Smooth Skin Tones in DaVinci Resolve

Clean up your content with DaVinci Resolve’s post-production toolkit. Here’s what you need to know about temporal and spatial noise reduction and the steps to achieve smooth, soft skin tones. 

7. ​​How to Refine the Colour in Videos Using DaVinci Resolve

You’ve done correcting and grading; now it’s time to finish the job by refining the color through targeted tweaks. Pick up advice on playing with the offset wheel, whether you want to brighten things up, make your video look moodier, rebalance skin tones, or fine-tune your tones. 

8. How to Isolate Skin Tones for Colour Correction in DaVinci Resolve

Forget the saying ‘the camera cannot lie’ and set about isolating skin tones ready for color correction. Master the skin tone node and the qualifier tool for a picture-perfect finish that’s true to life. 

9. How to Motion Track Colour Grades in DaVinci Resolve

When you make specific changes, you want them to keep up with the subject – in other words – they need to move. You can achieve this with the Tracker window, so check out this tutorial to learn how to track color grades and make micro-adjustments that will make your footage fabulous.  

10. How to Make a Lyric Video in DaVinci Resolve

Combining images, text, and audio, lyric videos offer a musical way to connect with viewers. This how to make a lyric video tutorial examines creating a mood board, choosing a song, selecting stock footage, and building a video with people tapping their toes in appreciation. 

That’s it for our top 10 DaVinci Resolve tutorials. If you’re a videographer or creator keen to put your ideas into motion, check out our trends blog post. Our Envato video experts predict the trends they expect to see making an eye-catching impact – from animation to interactive video. 

For more video inspiration, visit Envato Elements for a range of Premiere Pro templates and uncover free video tutorials and courses that will enable you to animate handwriting in After Effects and record video podcasts with Squadcast. 

To upskill in many other areas – from code and web design to business strategy and video – head over to Envato Tuts+ to make the most of the free how-to tutorials and online courses. For assets to practice with, or to make your briefs that much easier, go to Envato Elements and subscribe to make use of unlimited downloads of thousands of stock videos, music, photos, and more. 

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