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Envato’s Sweet Sixteen: Celebrating 16 Years of Envato

It's Envato's 16th birthday! From a Zoom concert and in-person parties to community competitions and events, here's how Envato is celebrating its 16th birthday.

Posted 22 Aug 2022
Envato Sweet 16 Birthday Header

We’ve had many milestones worth celebrating over our 16 years, but what’s a party without people to share it with?

Our people, fondly called Envatians, recently shared what life at Envato means to them. We posed a couple of questions to our global team, who responded with why they joined Envato and what they enjoy most about working here.

While the answers varied, there were a few resounding themes:

  • Many were referred by someone they knew
  • They heard about our amazing culture
  • They were attracted to a values-led organization that genuinely cared about its people and community.

Our team has many reasons why they’ve continued to build their careers with Envato, including:

  • Finding a place where they can be themselves.
  • The opportunity for growth, adventure, and working on new and exciting projects. 
  • How Envato differs from other companies in showing we care – including being certified as a B Corp, tackling things creatively, and providing an accessible and inclusive environment. 

But what’s a birthday without a celebration? Many of our people work remotely, so we’ll be bringing a touch of the birthday festivities to our monthly All Hands with some live music. For those based in Melbourne or Guadalajara, we’ll be hosting some small birthday parties at our offices to connect and celebrate. We will also be handing out limited edition badges and stickers designed by Envato author Merkulove, who won our 2022 T-shirt competition.

Envato birthday badge and sticker design creative surfing on paper plane over Envato leaf logo
The special 16th birthday badge and sticker design

We’re also running a competition for our Author community, encouraging them to submit stories about how Envato has helped them achieve creative success for the chance to win $2500! Let the festivities begin! For more on what life at Envato is like, check out Inside Envato and Life at Envato on LinkedIn.

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