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Envato Elements: The Unlimited Creative Subscription for Video Creators

Video creators, meet Envato Elements: your one stop shop for video, music, sound FX and more, all available with a single unlimited subscription.

Posted 11 Aug 2021
Envato Elements for video creators

Want to take your video projects to the next level? Envato Elements is the unlimited creative subscription used by videographers, filmmakers, and multimedia creators. A one-stop-shop for all your video, music, and design needs, Elements features a diverse and extensive library of motion graphics templates and video templates for programs such as After Effects and Premiere Pro, as well as stock video, music tracks, sound FX, photos, and so much more.

What Is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is the unlimited creative subscription offering everything you need for your creative projects at one low cost. Providing unlimited downloads of millions of premium quality creative assets, with a subscription you can download whatever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want – including sound FX and music.

Whether you’re a videographer, filmmaker, or anything in between, Envato Elements is a go-to tool for your multimedia needs.

Benefits of Envato Elements for Video Creators

We know that unique, high-quality assets are key to making your video project shine – but finding them – or building them from scratch – can take a lot of time and effort. Our ever-growing library gives you a constant supply of fresh templates, music & stock footage, as well as many other items, that will wow your audience time and time again.

1. Unlimited Downloads & No Need to Start from Scratch

When we say unlimited, we mean it! With just one subscription, you can access and download After Effects templates, Premiere Pro templates, DaVinci Resolve templates, lower thirds, animation, kinetic typography, and high-quality stock video for your next film, promotional video or social media clip.

No download limits means you have full freedom to explore, play and create until you find the perfect template or assets for your video project – with no need to start from scratch. Envato Elements not only saves you time, but allows you to try out multiple assets for your creative projects to help you produce high-quality video every time. 

“Elements just takes that extra stress away from having to spend hours designing something new,” explains Kelsey Brannan, AKA Premiere Gal. “Creators today don’t have time for that, or they need to hire someone to do it for them. Another thing is unlimited downloads. I can try out different templates to see how they work and don’t have to worry about paying per asset.” 

2. Huge Library of Customizable Assets

Each project is different and requires a different set of assets. Whether you’re looking for video templates, stock footage, music or more, professionally-created content is customizable, allowing you to deliver bespoke results at the highest quality. And with millions of items available to download, no matter what kind of video you’re looking to create, you’re guaranteed to find everything you need from simple text animation to in depth promo templates.

“The amount of assets on Elements is simply insane,” says Benny Van Valen, the talented video creator behind super successful YouTube channel, Benny Productions. “I don’t remember ever looking for something Elements ended up not having. There’s endless cool stuff! On Envato Elements I often find the photos I can’t find on free stock websites. It’s definitely valuable.” 

3. Commercial License for Your Video Projects

For many video makers who churn through projects on a weekly basis, content licensing can be tricky. Thankfully, all Elements assets are covered by our simple commercial licence, meaning you can focus on the fun stuff! 

“The best thing about Envato Elements for video creators is the easy licensing, and unlimited downloads for each new project,” says Kelsey. “Plus, you can use it for any type of video!”

All our assets are covered by our lifetime commercial license, for extra peace of mind whether you’re working on a client or personal project. No matter which assets you use, with an Envato Elements subscription, you can rest assured that our commercial licence has got you covered. 

4. Powered by a Professional Creator Community

When you’re up against a deadline, or don’t have time to learn a new trick, head to Elements where all our assets, from ready-to-use-templates to stock footage, are made by professionals.

Envato is powered by a creative community of over 80,000 creatives who earn a living doing what they love. So with an Envato Elements subscription, you can access professional and unique creative assets, while also supporting a community of talented makers. 

“Envato has enabled me to focus on creating projects and uploading them very easily,” explains motion graphic designer Apostolis Alexiou, AKA Premiumilk – a successful Envato Author known for his incredible motion graphics and video templates available on Envato Elements and the VideoHive marketplace. “The growth of Envato’s community gave me the chance to share my projects with a large number of people. Envato made me more competitive, reliable and focused on quality rather than quantity. I realised that the freedom offered by Envato – creating projects whenever I wanted and without any clients or deadlines – was something really worth pursuing.” 

Ready to get started? Head to Envato Elements, get your subscription and start creating today!

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