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Envato Impact Statement 2022

Our annual public Impact Statement is a snapshot of the facts and figures that make our global creative community so special.

Posted 14 Feb 2023
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While the last two years have provided many challenges for Envato’s creative community, within these interesting times 2022 brought forward many causes for optimism. Through the pandemic, environmental catastrophe, and even war, our community has come together to support each other in simple and powerful ways. 

The results speak for themselves: new milestones in subscriber numbers and author earnings, a doubling down on Envato’s commitment to sustainability, and having a positive impact. 

Through it all, Envato has maintained an unwavering commitment to empowering creatives everywhere to thrive. Whether independently or as part of our global community, we believe in providing genuine opportunities to create, earn and grow, making creative success accessible and achievable for all.

This Envato Impact Statement is a testament to that, and all our community achieved in 2022. Please click through the deck below to view our highlights from the last 12 months.

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