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Envato makes over 1,300 premium online courses free

More than 70 million users used Tuts+ to gain new skills last year.

Posted 5 Apr 2022
Tuts+ Goes Free

One of the web’s largest libraries of creative, design and small business courses and tutorials is now completely free.

Envato’s Tuts+ has provided free tutorials, tips and trends content since 2007, however its premium courses required a subscription. But as of this week, more than 1,300 premium video courses have been made free, forever.

Tuts+ Manager Matthew Cox said the move was aimed at enabling anyone to learn the skills required “…and become a digital creative while introducing more creators to the wider international Envato community.”

“We know that for many people who are searching for our type of educational content, they aren’t looking to learn from a high-profile celebrity or be connected to a prospective employer. Often they are hobbyists or established digital creatives who are wanting to expand their skill sets.” 

“For these people, the focus is on learning itself. They want to expand their skill set and have a great time while doing so. That’s where Tuts+ comes in.” 

Tuts+ has 1,316 premium courses covering seven main themes: business, design, code, web design, photography, videography, and motion graphics. 

As well as helping over 70 million on-site users to learn in 2021, Tuts+ accrued more than 26 million views on YouTube in 2021, with more than five million learners watching the Adobe Photoshop for Beginners course.  

The library of courses and tutorial content evolves rapidly in response to key design trends, said Matthew Cox, pointing to the evolution of Tuts+ content during the pandemic as an example of this. “We continue to add up to four video courses each month, covering everything from graphic design and video production, through to CSS and how to code. We’re always looking for new opportunities to support creatives as they expand their skill set. We’ve recently started a series on DaVinci Resolve and UX design.” 


  • After Effects for Beginners: “This is such a great intro. I’m incredibly thankful for all your work and explanations. I tried getting into simple animation with After Effects just to stave off Lockdown cabin fever and this video is a frickin’ godsend to help me deal with the details of the software.” – TheAverageGlasses
  • Adobe Illustrator for Beginners— This is better than school! Thank YOU so much! 🙏 – Nora B
  • Photoshop for Beginners—This video is the most educational video that I have ever come across. Your voice and your method of teaching is so easy to understand, I completed watching this video in 2 days, while also practicing what I was learning. – Munish Sharma
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