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Envato Market confirms its status as one of Australia’s most successful online marketplaces

"We’re proud of our place as one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world".

Posted 30 Mar 2022
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Envato Market has reaffirmed its status as one of the world’s most successful online marketplaces, after passing $1 billion USD in community earnings.

Envato has now helped creatives earn more than $1.3 billion USD across all its sites since it was first established over 15 years ago. 

The marketplace covers the broadest range of creative digital templates and assets across a diverse range of creative disciplines, including web themes and templates, code, video, audio, graphics, photos and 3D files. 

More than 52,000 creatives earned more than $96m USD on Envato Market in the last 12 months alone. The assets people need to build websites – themes, templates, plugins and code – were the highest-earning content types for 2021, though more audio and graphics creators earned via the marketplace than any other type of creator in the last year. 

Assets that help video makers also continue to be incredibly successful; searches by new customers for video templates were among the most popular in the last 12 months, tapping into Envato’s industry-leading library of video content. 

Envato had previously celebrated $1 billion USD in total community earnings in November 2020, which included Envato Market as well as the company’s subscription service Envato Elements, freelancer marketplace Envato Studio, creative templates tool Placeit and more.

Since it was launched in 2006, originally under the name ActiveDen, Envato Market has sold almost 69 million items. In 2021, the trending item types included food delivery website templates, YouTube and live video streaming templates as well as mockup assets for the rise in interest in the print-on-demand industry. 

Chief Content Officer Cam Gough said the milestone reflected the ambitions and passions of a strong, global creator community. “We have designers and creatives located all over the world who use Envato Market every day as a way to bring their creativity to others and earn a living from that. This is a community that is highly engaged with creative trends, and passionate about the opportunities they have to earn and be discovered through our marketplace.

“We’re proud of our place as one of the largest digital marketplaces in the world, empowering creators to thrive independently and as part of a global community.”

Envato now counts more than 900,000 monthly active buyers and sellers across its products. 

Envato Market User Testimonials

Composer and musician Jake Stein aka ‘Jakestein‘ on Envato Market said the platform was indispensable for his work. “Simply put, Envato has given me a big creative and inspirational boost and continues to do so each time my track sells. My journey with Envato has seriously shaped who I am as a musician and producer. A platform like this is the best encouragement, challenge, and reward a solo musician like me could ask for.”

Ukrainian video producer Sergey Zavarykin aka Zavarykin Visuals has almost 500 stock footage items for sale on Envato Market. “I love to wake up with a sense of freedom and as a visual artist, I want to have the opportunity to create new things. Selling on Envato has allowed me to take the time to make my dreams come true, such as filming my own web series and short films.”

Indian-based code developer Sambit Mishra aka intelliwins credits Envato for giving them certainty in his career. “Freelancer life is always full of financial insecurities. Envato, and especially CodeCanyon on Envato Market, helped me to get a stable income each month. Earning from Envato has helped me to manage my family expenses; from supporting the medical expenses of my father to paying off my car loan. I am debt free, all thanks to Envato. My parents also stay with me, and it was a dream for me to take them on a holiday which I was able to do thanks to my income from Envato.”

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