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Envato officially goes carbon neutral ahead of Earth Day

Envato can now track its carbon emissions around the world and take steps to offset these.

Posted 19 Apr 2022
Envato Trace partners in carbon neutral program

Envato is now officially carbon neutral, as part of a comprehensive new sustainability project designed at measuring and offsetting the company’s carbon footprint. 

In partnership with Sydney startup Trace, Envato is delivering on its sustainability promise as a B-Corp and meeting part of its recent commitment to the To Whom It Should Concern campaign, says CEO Hichame Assi. 

“When we signed on to the To Whom It May Concern campaign we made a pledge to be 100% renewable by 2030 and carbon zero by 2040,” said Envato CEO Hichame Assi. “It’s a commitment made on the back of our B Corp certification, and one we believe reflects not just our values but a broader sense of how businesses can contribute to fighting climate change.”

“We are proud that our people can make a positive impact on the world around us through their work at Envato. And while there is still lots of work to do to realise carbon zero, we’re nonetheless pleased we’ve reached this sustainability milestone and thrilled to partner with Trace to further track and refine the management of our carbon footprint.”

Through Trace, Envato is now able to more comprehensively measure the amount of carbon emissions the business generates. This includes not just its physical offices in Melbourne, Guadalajara and Los Angeles, but also includes an estimate of the footprint of its 600 plus staff who work flexibly around the world, as well as the usage tied to its tech infrastructure including our cloud computing services.  

Senior Product Manager Jimmy Joslin, who led the project for Envato and is one of the members of the company’s sustainability team, said the level of visibility the business now has around its carbon footprint is invaluable for its ongoing sustainability efforts.  

“We’re now offsetting just over 2700 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, and through Trace, we can see first-hand how our carbon credits are able to make a real-world impact, from land conservation projects in Australia to deforestation and biodiversity projects in Indonesia.”

“We’ll also be planting more than 15,000 trees, which over their lifetime will sequester an extra 351 tonnes of carbon.”

Mount Sandy Conservation project image tree saplings, credit South pole and Trace.
The Mount Sandy project in South Australia is one of those supported by Envato through Trace. It ensures permanent protection of the regionally and culturally important pocket of biodiversity-rich land by partnering with its traditional owners. Image credit: South Pole

Trace CEO and Co-Founder Catherine Long said Envato was a perfect example of a fast-moving tech business that already has a demonstrable commitment to sustainability. “But they needed a solution for measuring and managing their carbon footprint that matched the speed and efficiency of the way they work. We’re super proud that Envato chose Trace to be that solution and can’t wait to see how their whole team uses our software to support their journey to net-zero.”

”Envato stands out as a business that really excels at both employee engagement and community building, which are both areas the team at Trace are very focused on too because we know climate action is a team sport and takes involvement from a whole group of people – not just a few people ‘at the top’ or working in silos,” continued Catherine Long. “This is why we’re so excited to have Envato in Trace’s Climate Positive community – we know they will challenge us to keep improving our product to truly reflect these values.”

Katingan Peatlands Conservation, Indonesia, man fishing on canoe
The Katingan Peatlands Conservation project in Indonesia is another Envato is supporting through Trace. It is the world’s largest emission reduction forest project, preventing the release of 7.5 million tonnes of CO2 on average annually – the equivalent of removing 2 million cars off the road each year.

Alongside the carbon offset project with Trace, Envato has expanded its sustainability investment through its staff-led sustainability committee The Greener Good, which has resulted in partnerships with the Backyard Honey Project, Reground, Sprout and OzHarvest

The company will also shortly relocate from its long-time offices in Melbourne’s King St, which it expects will also improve its carbon footprint. 

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