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Envato Partners with BRIA for Ethical AI Initiative, ‘The Fair Diffusion Program’

Envato is pleased to announce its participation in the ‘The Fair Diffusion Program’ – a ground-breaking generative AI initiative launched by BRIA AI.

Portrait for Envato By Envato
Posted 21 Sep 2023
Envato partners with BRIA AI

Envato’s vision is to empower the creative community to thrive. This includes identifying and helping them adapt to new creative opportunities, tools, and technologies as they arise. 

While AI image-generation technology is an exciting new space, opening up opportunities and changing how creatives approach their work,  it’s also unchartered territory. Ensuring the creative community, including Envato authors,  benefit from these advancements and help shape this space is of great importance to us, so we’re participating in the ‘Fair Diffusion Program.’ 

This exciting generative AI initiative driven by BRIA AI and Envato can be an alternative to existing AI models, designed to fairly attribute and reward source material and provide commercially safe visuals. 

BRIA AI has trained its foundation models on licensed content from Envato, Getty Images, Alamy, and other partners and can identify the source material for fair attribution. 

This way, any contributors to the final generated image can receive a commission. Customers can also relax knowing their chosen visuals are commercially safe.

As a new model, training is still underway and will continue to improve over time. Once the model enters the world of commercial use, the attribution model will kick into gear, with authors able to generate revenue. We’re doing this responsibly and remaining as upfront as possible as we move into this exciting new space. 

With Envato’s depth of inclusive and diverse content, we’re in a progressive position to shape an all-embracing AI model. This ethical innovation is setting the benchmark for the responsible use of AI and creating a more sustainable and inclusive ecosystem for creative innovation— we can’t wait to see where it takes our authors, creative community, and the industry as a whole. 

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