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Save the Bees: How Envato is Sponsoring Beehives to Help Our Planet

Here's how Envato is helping Backyard Honey to repopulate local bee populations, support local ecosystems, and save our planet.

Posted 26 Apr 2022
Envato Beehive Sponsorship

Envato is committed to minimizing the negative environmental impact that our business has on the planet. Our Greener Good Sustainability Committee are always instilling new – and better – habits within our organization, including the recycling of E-waste and single-use coffee cups, investing in sustainable merchandising and tree planting, as well as offsetting our carbon footprint and enabling Envato to go carbon neutral. This month, the committee is buzzing about a particularly sweet new project! 

In partnership with ​​Australia’s Backyard Honey’s Pollinator Partner Program, we’re sponsoring beehives to repopulate local bee populations and support local ecosystems. Located in Burnley, Victoria, Backyard Honey is an organization that helps businesses and individuals engage in positive environmental action by enhancing local biodiversity, and saving bees that would otherwise have been exterminated through the agricultural process of farming food.

Backyard Honey’s Partner Paddocks

“Our agriculture and ecosystem is incredibly reliant on bees – in fact, one in three mouthfuls of food are entirely dependent on them,” explains Greener Good Sustainability Committee founder, Michelle Drake. “We are very excited to partner with Backyard Honey, support bee populations, and heal our ecosystem.” 

Over the next 12 months, we’ll sponsor two rescued bee hives in Backyard Honey’s Partner Paddocks to help the organization relocate 30,000+ bees back to Melbourne. Backyard Honey provides these bee populations with new hives and homes, ​​which are expertly maintained by Backyard Honey’s certified beekeepers and Pollinator Advocators. The bees are then relocated to a forever hive, and reintroduced into the environment to help the surrounding area thrive. 

Backyard Honey was founded by beekeepers Pete and Jane Dyer in their backyard. The organization is passionate about raising positive community pollinator awareness, educating people on the critical role bees play in our environment, as well as protecting local bee populations. Now run by Henry Fried and Mary Trumble, Backyard Honey also works with schools, communities and corporations to empower individuals, groups and businesses – such as Envato – to enhance their positive impact via the Hive Hosting Program. 

Henry Fried and Mary Trumble, Backyard Honey Owners

“We always want to demonstrate positive environmental action through advocacy, and through partnering with Backyard Honey, our employees now know all the ways we can help save the bees – from planting a bee-friendly garden to having a beehive in our own backyard,”says Michelle. “We highly recommend partnering with Backyard Honey, or any other organization doing positive things to help the planet. There is so much to be gained – from knowledge and awareness all the way to impact and action. Every effort helps!”  

Feeling buzzed? To get involved and increase your environmental impact, head over to Backyard Honey to discover their Hive Hosting Program. Or, learn more about Envato’s Greener Good Sustainability Committee as well as our Carbon Neutral commitment

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