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Your Work, Your Impact: Introducing Envato’s ‘Public Holiday Swap’ Benefit

Learn all about Envato's Public Holiday Swap benefit, an exciting new policy allowing employees to work their way.

Posted 23 Jan 2023
Envato Public Holiday Swap

This month, Envato launched its Public Holiday Swap benefit. It’s a simple premise but one we believe will have a profound impact. The new policy allows employees in Australia, New Zealand, and Israel to swap up to four gazetted public holidays for another day of significance throughout the year (with a Holy Day Swap coming to Mexico soon.) 

Envato has a long, proud history of creating an inclusive workplace culture. It was one of the pillars our founders instilled when launching Envato over 16 years ago and has continued to be part of our fabric. In 2015, we expanded our values to officially include “Diverse and Inclusive,” which reflects our belief that everyone thrives if we champion diversity and inclusion across all levels of the business.

At Envato, we’re committed to providing equal opportunities and outcomes to all employees, regardless of age, disability, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or carer’s responsibilities. Our Employee Value Proposition is “Your Work, Your Impact,” and we strive to make it possible for everyone to celebrate who they are so that they can produce their best work. 

We know that Envatians have different religious and cultural practices and various political beliefs. This initiative will complement and strengthen our existing flexible work practices and drive greater inclusion across the workplace. 

Another of our values is, “When the community succeeds, we succeed,” and we believe that empowering our people with more flexibility to choose how they work helps them deliver outstanding results for our authors, customers, and people.

While our Public Holiday Swap benefit has just launched, we’ve already had employees swapping Australia Day for National Sorry Day, Queen’s Birthday for Independence Day, and Good Friday for World Mental Health Day.

We’re passionate about supporting Envatians to celebrate the things that matter to them. We can’t wait to hear how this exciting new policy positively impacts our workplace, culture, and people.

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