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Navigating Change For Lasting Impact

It's been quite a challenging year, but our annual Impact Statement showcases some of the highlights from our creative community.

Posted 9 Dec 2020
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CS Lewis was once famously quoted as saying ‘Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different’. It’s a statement that hits a little different in 2020, as everyone in Envato’s global creative community navigated the highs and lows of pandemic life. 

While for many, the day to day routines of lives severely impacted by lockdowns and other public health measures have felt like a grind, looking back across the Envato ecosystem over the last 12 months provides plenty of reasons to be proud and thankful. 

The 2020 edition of our annual Public Impact Statement helps shine a light on these community successes. From the Twitch streamers who have helped make Placeit one of the go-to resources for creative personal branding tools, to the creators who earned collectively more than $150m USD this year as more people than ever shifted their projects online. 

It covers the rise in interest in online learning platforms and eCommerce themes, new growth in video and audio content on our subscription service Envato Elements, and how Milkshake is enabling creative upgrades to more than 300,000 Instagram user bios. Finally, it also shines a light on the work Envato is doing to become a more responsible corporate citizen, from our recent B Corp certification to our charitable contributions.

We remain committed to publishing these impact reports every year as a way of being accountable to our key measures of success, to publicly track the activities we engage with and to deliver on the promises we’ve made to our creative community. This is the third year of the report and, as always, we welcome feedback as we aim to improve on our efforts each and every year.

We’ve long held up community success as our most important yardstick for Envato’s overall performance, and this year is no different – the recent $1 billion community earnings milestone is testament to that. But as we chart a new course in 2021, so too will our focus turn to a new measure; monthly active community. In recording how many people create and earn with Envato, we hope to provide a more accurate representation of the positive power of our global creative community, and the impact it is having on a world with few certainties. 

It’s been a hard year for many, but through it all, we’re still incredibly proud of what our authors, customers, partners, creators and team have been able to accomplish. Thank you, as always, for choosing to be part of the Envato community. 

Read the 2020 Public Impact Report below or click through here.

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