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Envato set to transform the design industry with a new subscription-service and fair payment model for designers

Envato Elements Allows Agencies, Designers, Marketers and Creatives to Gain Access to Thousands of Digital Assets, While Uniquely Compensating Contributors for their Creations

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Posted 29 Aug 2016
Envato Elements product shot old

Envato, the world’s leading digital asset marketplace, today announced the launch of Envato Elements, the first unlimited download, community-generated design subscription for agencies, designers, marketers and other creative professionals. The platform offers thousands of graphics, templates, add-ons and fonts under broad usage rights for one low monthly fee.

The only design subscription service using a progressive subscriber share model, Envato Elements is transforming how the digital community both buys and sells designs online by providing fair compensation for its content creators.

“Subscription models have often been criticized as unfair to artists when it comes to royalties and payment,” said Xavier Russo, Strategy & Marketing Manager at Envato. “Envato Elements was designed to completely change all that with our new ‘subscriber share’ model. By compensating our contributors more fairly, we can offer our subscribers the most diverse and amazing library of content. It’s a win-win for both parties and a huge step forward in the industry.”

Envato Elements was created to better serve frequent users of digital assets who care about design. The platform curates and showcases a unique library of content with a strong focus on quality and on-trend items. A single, commercial use license applies to all items on the site.

Content for Envato Elements is provided by a global community of independent designers, and gives subscribers access to a fresh and diverse library. Early beta users have praised the platform adding:

With Elements, I feel like a kid in a candy store. It’s not an issue anymore if the client changes their mind. It frees both myself and my clients up to get what they really are after for an end product.Envato Elements subscriber

I love the licensing part and it’s like a secret weapon for client projects.Envato Elements subscriber

I can download and test many things. One of the worst parts about buying graphic assets, is that most times I can’t test them before I buy, and by the end I buy a bunch of stuff that I never use. So, Elements solves this problem for me.Envato Elements subscriber

And unlike many other subscription services – such as those in the music industry – Envato subscribers’ money actually goes to the contributors that they use and value. This encourages contributors to create items that are broadly appealing, as well as those that serve various niches. For more information on Envato Element’s unique subscriber share model, please click here.

“Think of Elements like a ‘Netflix’ for the design industry,” continued Russo. “Users can easily scan thousands of inspiring assets and download as many as they need to create their own design – be it a masterful web page or infographic, to a slick PowerPoint or blog site. Their imagination is the only limit.”

Through their subscription to the platform, users can enjoy:

 Unlimited Downloads: Access to 5000+ items of diverse and quality content for one price, locked in for the life of the membership.

 Less Risk and Cost: Users can experiment with different elements to create the end product they and their clients are truly seeking – without the risk and cost of paying individually for designs that ultimately go unused.

 Continuous New Content: New items are continuously added to the Envato Elements library, with entirely new categories such as Web Templates coming soon.

 Broad Usage Rights: One simple license with commercial use rights, so subscribers can clearly understand what they can and can’t do with the downloads, unlike subscriptions with confusing usage rules.

 Curated Content: Created by a handpicked set of designers and contributors, and then expertly curated to showcase the best.

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