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Envato Studio Job Enquiries & Custom Jobs

Find out how 'job enquiries' and 'custom jobs' can help to contribute to your success on Envato Studio.

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Posted 27 Apr 2016
Envato Studio

Two important features to help you maximise your sales on Envato Studio are ‘job Enquiries’ and ‘custom jobs’. Read on to learn more and how to they contribute to success on Envato Studio.

Job Enquiries

Visitors on Envato Studio have the ability to reach out directly to all Service Providers. This enables them to find out a little more about the service, or have specific questions answered before they make a purchase. This feature has proven important for buyers, and also incredibly useful for Service Providers who now have the opportunity to actively convert prospective buyers into clients.

Users submit ‘Job Enquiries’ via the ‘Contact Me’ link on all of your Service pages as well as your profile page. Service Providers are then notified of the enquiry via email, and can respond to the enquiry by replying to the email or via the site. Users are restricted to a maximum of 5 Job Enquiries per day as we want them to be thoughtful regarding who they contact.

When you receive a Job Enquiry it is critical that you respond as soon as possible.  This is a great opportunity to create a client, so provide them all the information they need and reassure them why you are the perfect person for their project. If their job is outside the scope of your standard service, you can always create a ‘Custom Job’ (see below for more details).

Note: timely response to enquiries will soon impact where your service is listed on category pages, so it is very important you respond to all enquiries quickly.  

Custom Jobs

In some cases a buyer may be after something a little different to your standard service (for example it may be a larger job) , however following the conversations you have had, you want to work together. Using the ‘Custom Jobs’ feature you are able to create a job that includes different scope, price and/or turnaround.

Creating a ‘Custom Job’ is easy. Following the initial enquiry, either party can select  ‘Propose a Custom Job’. They then enter a description of the job, the price and the turnaround. Once submitted, this is sent to the other party to review and accept. Once accepted by both parties (and paid for by the buyer) the job is managed just like any other job.

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