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Using Handwritten Typography in Web Design

In this article, we’ll take a look at some examples of handwritten typography in web design and a selection of beautiful handwritten fonts.

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Posted 17 Nov 2016
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There is no doubt that there is a certain art to using typography. Finding the correct font combinations can often make or break a brand, and the wrong choice of fonts can send a completely wrong message and turn the users away. But, when a designer blends together different fonts in a harmonious way, the whole brand comes together and it invites users to explore more.

Fonts such as Arial or Georgia have long been the standard among web designers. However, with the dawn of services such as TypeKit and Google Fonts, your font choices have significantly expanded. But if you want to add more appeal to your website, consider using handwritten typography.

Using handwritten typography in web design is not a new trend, however, it has gained in popularity over the recent years. The handwritten fonts add a dash of creativity and an elegant flair to any design when done right. Moreover, they add a personalized, custom-made feel.

Websites With Handwritten Fonts

1. Mint Design

Mint Design

Mint Design Company is a boutique branding and design company whose entire website uses handwritten fonts and animations which draw the user’s eyes to the most important parts of the website. Even the social media icons appear animated and hand-drawn, which gives the whole website a personalized feel, breathes creativity, and makes them stand out from the competition.

2. Vince and Marlene

Vince and Marlene

Handwritten typography is often used in wedding invitations and wedding websites. Vince and Marlene’s website pairs whimsical fonts with hand-drawn elements to project a unique and fun vibe for their website. The bride and the groom aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine through and that makes the whole website appealing and makes you want to click that RSVP button even though the wedding has long since passed.

3. We Are Island

We Are Island

Island Collective is a web design and marketing agency who makes a bold statement right in the hero image of their website. The message is even more accentuated by the use of a bold brush font which definitely stands out and draws attention.

4. Skylark English

Skylark English

Skylark Learning is a website dedicated to producing exciting, high quality resources to help children learn and develop. Even though it’s geared for parents looking for learning resources, the use of handwritten fonts makes the site fun and pairs perfectly with their intended message.

5. Serve Seattle

Serve Seattle

Urban missions’ institute Serve Seattle makes a great use of handwritten fonts to draw attention to the most important part of their message. A brush font is paired with a bold sans-serif to present their message and mission, with the brush font used sparingly. Parts of sentences definitely stand out and make a lasting impression on any website visitor.

10 Beautiful Handwritten Fonts for Your Next Web Design Project

If you’re looking to add a handwritten touch, the following fonts are good options to consider.

1. Briella

Briella is a feminine font which would be perfect for wedding invitations, birthday cards, greeting cards, and even logos for female-oriented businesses. It includes OTF and TTF font files featuring ligatures, and accented glyphs with a natural brush stroke.

2. Simplicity

True to its name, the Simplicity font is perfectly simple and would work well as an accent font in websites, especially in a navigation menu or in headers. It can also be used in posters or as a text overlay on images. The file includes OTF and WOFF font files along with a PDF help file.

3. Little Wonder

The Little Wonder font is a handpainted typeface which has been turned into a digitized font. It is bold enough to be used as a display font and it includes one style and a load of alternative letters, initial letterforms, and a few terminal forms. Use it for headlines, posters or even in a hero image on your website. Features includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, Western European characters, Central European characters, South Eastern European characters. The font comes in OTF font file.

4. Clarkson

Clarkson gives off a retro feel so it would be perfect for a website that wants a vintage, retro vibe. Think antique stores or stores selling handmade goods. It includes more than 550 characters, along with ligatures, initial and terminal forms, uppercase and lowercase letters, alternates, and it comes in TTF font file.

5. Vinesday

Another retro font, Vinesday features a beautiful calligraphy style,perfectly suited for invitations and greeting cards. Considering its boldness it would also work well in posters, logos and parts of the website where you want to direct the visitors’ eyes.

6. Lunar Cone

Lunar Cone is a playful font which allows you to pair several layers of the font to create fun and unique typography. Layered styles would make a great fit for any website oriented towards kids while using only one layer provides enough sophistication to be used on greeting cards, wedding invitations or personalized gifts. Vector and EPS files are both provided in the file.

7. Top Light Brush

Top Light Brush is a bold brush font which would make a great fit for any website promoting a street-type look. Given it’s somewhat rough features it would work well for websites and posters oriented to a younger or even male population. It includes both TTF and WOFF font files.

8. BiteChalk

BiteChalk is a chalk font, suitable for restaurant and cafe websites. Use it to accentuate the menu board or in navigation menu. It can even be used for a restaurant logo. The font includes bold, normal, and slim styles, comes in TTF font file along with several vector ornaments related to food niche.

9. Bahamas Brush

Bahamas Brush font makes a great fit for travel websites where it can be used to highlight photos of the surrounding area. You can also use it in your logo, posters, or as an accent in your headings. The font includes more than 360 characters and comes with a complete set of lowercase and uppercase alternates, ligatures, and multilingual support. OTF and TTF font files are provided in the file.

10. The Great Outdoors

This font comes in two styles; clean and rough and it would work well for any website promoting outdoors products. However, it can also be used in a logo or a website for campsites, ski lodges, and mountain resorts. It comes with a full range of Western European Characters.

Add a Touch of Uniqueness With Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts have been associated with websites and products geared for children, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, they are used almost in every niche and offer a creative twist on a design. We hope our list of examples and handwritten fonts gave you inspiration for your next web design project.

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