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How to Choose a Website Color Palette: 12 Top Color Schemes for 2022

Want to know how to choose the perfect color scheme for your website? Get inspired by these 12 trending color palettes...

Posted 11 Mar 2022
Website Color Palettes

From neutral, earthy colors to vibrant and flashy, website color scheme trends are now more diverse than ever. While there are several ways to make your website stand out, picking the most effective color scheme can be one of the most important ones. 

On a psychological level, colors make quite an impact, with 85% of people choosing products based on their color. In this article, we’ll cover the importance of choosing a website color scheme, as well as 12 website color scheme trends for 2022.

What is a Website Color Scheme? 

A website color scheme is a combination of colors you strategically choose to convey the vision of your brand and connect with your audience. As we live in a world where brand success is measured by the amount of attention it gets, leaving a good first impression is crucial. This is highly important when it comes to choosing the right colors, since these are the first thing customers see when they come across your brand. There are a variety of things to consider when selecting a website color scheme – such as brand, tone, accessibility, and so much more.

Every color has a certain meaning or evokes certain emotions, and wrong pairings of colors can cost way more than the time you invested  to choose them. While some colors like red, yellow, and orange serve to grab attention, neutral colors like white, grey, or baby blue evoke a sense of calm, or create contrast and make things pop. By choosing the right colors to display on your website, you can strengthen brand awareness and influence how people perceive your brand.

12 Website Color Scheme Trends for 2022

1. Neutral and Earthy Colors

While bright and bold colors have been big trends of the past few years, the popularity of neutral colors in website design is continuing to increase. Neutral colors can include everything from brown, beige, and green to black, white, and beige. Inspired by earthy tones and natural materials such as wood and plants, muted colors are popular for brands with a more natural look or organic design – such as this example from Jen Pierce Photography.

Jen Pierce Photography - Neutral Color Schemes

2. Pastel Colors

In 2022, many brands are turning to soft pastel colors. Soothing, calming and aesthetic, pastels make for a stunning website background, accent or even just a pop of color.

Although pastels aren’t the boldest color choice, designers are coming up with new ways to bring life to pastel palettes – combining them with geometric shapes, strong lines, and neon colors. For example, this website from Save The Air pairs pastel aqua with a vibrant red to add power and energy to the design.  

Save The Air - Pastel Color Scheme

3. Bright and Bold

Using bright colors is a great way to stand out from the +200 million websites online and draw users’ attention to your brand. Bright colors are playful and exuberant, making for a memorable and eye-catching design. Pairing hot pink with bright green, followed by massive typography, 3 Sided Cube’s website creates a bold, eye-catching design that communicates the brand’s personality.

3 Sided Cube - Bright Color Scheme

4. Simple and Elegant Colors

While simplicity might not seem like the most exciting approach for designers, it is definitely key to creating an elegant and sophisticated look. For example, this website design from Valeria Monis combines simple blue with porcelain white, creating a perfect balance of two hues.

valeria monis - simple color scheme

5. Retro Design

Retro has been a huge trend over the past few years. While some seek a sleek, modern design, others crave the comfort of the past. Going for retro pink combined with green, yellow, and orange, With Smoothie’s website utilizes a retro color scheme to create an energetic and fun design.

With Smoothie - Retro Color Scheme

6. Inspired by Nature

Inspired by environmental changes brought about by the pandemic and global warming, many brands are shifting their focus towards more organic and natural shades. Carefully selecting colors that resemble the environment around us, Body Butters pairs shades of green and brown to evoke a natural feel.

Body Butters - Natural Color Scheme

7. Futuristic Dark Mode

Creating an eye-catching visual effect, combining dark colors with bright blues and purples is perfect for creating a mystical and futuristic atmosphere. Contrasting these colors can help establish a hierarchy on your website, shifting attention to the essential parts – such as this example from Blueyard.

Blueyard - Futuristic Dark Mode Color Scheme

8. Bright and Experimental

It’s hard to go wrong with bright, cheerful colors – which create a fun, vibrant atmosphere. Bright colors trigger positive emotions and leave a positive impression on your users. Using vivid colors like supernova and pomegranate combined with shades of blue create an impactful yet balanced effect – like in this website design from Gucci Burst.

Gucci Burst - Bright and Experimental Color Scheme

9. Metallic Colors

Using metallic colors in your web design is an excellent way to create contrast and draw attention to essential elements. Using metallic colors like Hanai World is not something you see every day, so it can help you stand out from the crowd.

Hanai World - Metallic Color Scheme

10. Primary Colors

While some brands can go overboard with their color choices, it can be beneficial to opt for simple, primary colors. When appropriately combined, these colors can be great for evoking certain emotions. For example, blue represents trust and stability, while red stands for power and excitement. When combined, they can be an effective tool to build trust and create a call to action.

Primary Color Scheme

11. Yellow and Black

If you want to grab users’ attention, a yellow and black color scheme is an excellent design choice. In this design by Alts Digital, black stands for simplicity and elegance, while yellow adds a sense of energy and creativity to the design.

Alts Digital - Yellow and Black Color Scheme

12. Minimalist

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, people are starting to realize that less is more. Minimalist web design is a great way to emphasize the simple things in life, and in your website. Including natural colors, simple lines, and refined typography, a minimalist design can create a unique and long-lasting user experience – like this website design by Executive Agency.

Executive Agency - Minimalist Color Scheme

You don’t need a web design degree to choose an effective color scheme for your website. Understanding the basics of color psychology, combined with various online tools will help you discover the perfect color scheme in no time. When choosing a color palette for your website, think about your brand vision and the message you’re trying to send the world.

Guest Author – Andrej Fedek

Andrej Fedek is the creator and owner of the InterCoolStudio. As an experienced marketer, he is driven by turning leads into customers. His goals always include White Hat SEO.

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