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Learn How to Draw: Top 10 Illustration and Drawing Tutorials on Tuts+ 

Illustration can elevate your designs and add a personal touch to your projects. Learn how to master your drawing skills with these top tutorials.

Posted 5 Dec 2022
Learn How to Draw: Top 10 Illustration and Drawing Tutorials on Tuts+ 

In recent years, the explosion of digital illustration has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for artists around the world. The rise of drawing programs such as Procreate,  Photoshop, and Illustrator have enabled illustrators to bring their wildest dreams to life. Want to brush up on your drawing skills? Let’s dive in!

What is Illustration?

So, what are we talking about when we talk about illustration? An illustration is a visual representation of an idea or a concept created by an artist – and usually, when we’re talking about it in design, we’re talking about a drawing. In modern design, this could be created in traditional media – in other words, with paper and pencil – or digitally, using a design program. Illustrations are used in books, magazines, and websites, as well as marketing material across print, social media, and video. 

Illustrations are great for explaining an idea without words or adding a hand-crafted charm or personal feel to any artwork. In particular, line art has proved popular as an illustration trend over the last few years. Also gaining traction and making the list of trends in the world of illustration have been things like illustrated geometric designs, animation, and intricate lettering. 

How to Draw Using Tutorials

In recent years, digital illustration has hugely expanded what’s possible in design. Professional illustrators can now create at pace with minimal equipment, while beginners can easily take advantage of programs like Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. For the latter, drawing tutorials are a great place to start for mastering illustration. 

Drawing tutorials can help with practicing hand-drawing skills, to get a feel for your illustration style, and learning the ins and outs of using various digital tools. They can teach you to create brushes, lines, shading, and movement and harness different drawing styles. Envato Tuts+ is a learning hub full of free tutorials perfect for honing these skills and many more. Here are the top 10 illustration and drawing tutorials on Tuts to brush up on illustration.

Top 10 Illustration & Drawing Tutorials on Tuts+

1. How to Draw a Rose

The rose is a flower commonly used to convey love, friendship, gratitude, and passion. While the intricacies of the rose’s many layers may make it intimidating to take on, don’t let that stop you. This tutorial will take you through the process step-by-step, with no reference image needed. 

2. How to Draw a Skull

The skull is a super trendy motif. It’s popular in everything from fashion and cosmetics to food and beverage branding. This tutorial gives you a framework, starting with the basics before moving into the finer details. You can even make it your own using shading.

3. How to Draw in Illustrator

If you want to learn how to draw in Illustrator, this tutorial shows you how to create a vector illustration. It covers how to draw line art, color line art, and add shading in several written steps or as a video tutorial

4. Create Dynamic Poses Using Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawings are great for creating movement and adding a sense of playfulness to your illustrations. A gesture drawing is executed rapidly, usually in a series of poses. This tutorial will give you the skills to capture subtle movements and works for whatever drawing program you use. See what we mean in this video

5. How to Draw Hair in Illustrator

Anyone who’s tried vectoring hair knows it can be time-consuming and fiddly. This tutorial tackles the issue by showing you how to use a set of four brushes to create realistic, flowing hair. The best part? You can reuse your brushes again and again. 

6. Digital Drawing 101: Drawing Animals: Tools and Resources 

For a blended approach, this course looks at traditional techniques and digital tools to draw animals in realistic and cartoon-inspired styles. Take the full course, or go video by video

7. How to Draw in Procreate With Lineart Brushes

This tutorial shows you how to master a traditional-style portrait digitally. Even if you haven’t used Procreate, you’ll learn to create an incredible illustration from scratch using brushes and textures. Watch Maria Dimova in action for inspiration as she brings her Tiger Lily Portrait to life.  

7. Digital Portrait Drawing: Introduction

If you want to learn how to draw digital portraits, don’t go past this introductory course. It covers basics and beyond over 16 lessons in 3 hours, from basic proportions to facial features and more. Start with the Lesson 1 video for what to expect and what you need.

8. How to Draw in Photoshop

If your preferred program is Adobe Photoshop, you might be surprised to learn you can create drawings there, too – many illustrators do! This tutorial will show you how to draw in Photoshop and teach you which drawing tools will serve you best. You’ll just need a reference photo to get started. 

9. How to Create a Stylish Neon Portrait in Procreate

Last but not least, for something that embraces the best of the vaporwave aesthetic, this tutorial uses different painting techniques to create an eye-catching neon portrait. You can watch the entire process in this video, following along with the artist. 

After working through this list, you’ll be well on your way to perfecting your illustration style. For more inspiration, learn more from illustrators who’ve honed their craft – like this expert interview with illustrator Haley Drew This. To keep working on your skills, don’t forget that Envato Tuts+ has thousands of free tutorials, tips, and tricks on a range of topics, and with the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel, you can see everything in action. 

Finally, every designer needs assets to create their projects. A subscription to Envato Elements will give you access to thousands of images, graphics, brushes, templates, and more. 

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