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How to Make a YouTube Outro

There’s so much more that you can do with those last few seconds of your YouTube video to capture and keep an audience’s attention. Read on to learn how to make an effective YouTube outro.

Posted 4 May 2019
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If your audience has made it to the end of your YouTube video, it’s safe to say that they found your content compelling. Don’t just let your video fade to black! There’s so much more that you can do with those last few seconds of your YouTube video to capture and keep an audience’s attention. Read on to learn how to make an effective YouTube outro.

It’s no secret that likes, views, and subscribes matter on YouTube. Whether it’s YouTube’s algorithm or simply viewers browsing the sidebar, these are the video metrics that can help your channel gain more momentum and keep growing. An impactful YouTube outro video can help you grow any and all of these channel metrics. Find out how else you can improve your performance on YouTube with our guide to promoting your YouTube channel.

What is an Outro?

A YouTube outro can take a variety of forms, so let’s think about some ideas that will help you develop an eye-catching close.

The School of Life’s YouTube channel uses animated graphics and thoughtful commentary to illustrate ideas. The videos close smoothly with placards to promote other content from the channel. It’s simple, but it’s easy to find yourself jumping onto the next video.

Some YouTube outros conclude with an on-camera personality asking for channel likes or subscriptions. Other times, channels will use clickable overlays that you can add inside the browser-based tool, with links to other channels. Any of these are an evolution over simply fading your video out.

In short: it’s important to think of an “ask” of your audience. That might be asking them to subscribe, share, or like the video. It doesn’t have to be a direct ask, though; there are tactful ways to promote your other content easily.

All of these “asks” are built on the back of eye-catching visuals. Let’s learn how to build something compelling to tack onto the end of your YouTube videos.

How to Make an Outro

Video production takes knowledge and practice to get right. Most YouTube channels are so well put together now that if you don’t create a professional YouTube outro, yours will stick out like a sore thumb.

The problem is that you may not have the time or interest to learn an entirely new app in order to build a YouTube outro. You’re already spending all of your free time producing engaging YouTube content, and animating an outro from scratch just isn’t the best use of your time.

Let’s learn two ways of creating a YouTube outro in less time than ever before. No matter what level of knowledge you have about video editing, you can build an eye-catching outro.

YouTube Outro Maker

If you don’t want to learn a brand new app from scratch, no problem; the solution is a browser-based tool called Placeit, which you can use to create an outro, hassle-free. If you can point and click, you can create a customized YouTube outro that will help you make the most of those last few seconds of a video.

There’s nothing specific about a YouTube outro video; you need only a few eye-catching visuals and space to promote a subscription button and you’ll see your channel grow.

On Placeit, you can use a number of templates to get a head start in designing your YouTube outro. Here are several starting points you can launch to make an outro easily:

Discover the potential that this starting point holds for your YouTube outro video. Even though this might be used for an infographics video by default, I think it makes the perfect YouTube outro, where you can provide a few more key facts and data points to help hook your viewers into future videos.

Fireworks and animation combine to hold your audience’s attention at the end of your main video. It’s the perfect backdrop for additional commentary to cap your video, and you can use it to ask for subscribes and likes.

With a bit of customization, this might just be the best choice for making your YouTube outro. Sure, the default view is tailored to building an advertisement with a product photo, but a more compelling use would be to drop that image and use the free space for subscribe cards that you add in YouTube. It’s a great reminder of how flexible Placeit’s templates can be.

YouTube Outro Templates

While Placeit is an outro maker that lives right inside your web browser, it’s not the only option for producing a YouTube outro. If you already know how to use an animation and production app like Adobe After Effects, this might be your best bet. You’ll get complete creative control, but skip much of the work that’s typically involved with animation.

1. Modern Corporate Pack

You don’t have to be a huge company to make good use of this Modern Corporate Pack. I’ve included it in this roundup because the simple, logo-centric design is the perfect way to add your logo with subscription buttons surrounding it.

2. YouTube End Screens Builder

This project sets the standard for a complete YouTube outro builder. There are tons of templates inside this download that you can use to build out a wide variety of outros that fit your channel’s style and branding. Add your assets, customize the text, and – boom! – you’ll have an excellent YouTube outro.

3. YouTube Channel

This package for Adobe After Effects is perfect for bringing a sense of polish to your YouTube channel. One of the best assets is a YouTube outro maker that you can use to provide the perfect segue into an “ask” for subscriptions or likes.

Fuel the momentum on your channel by including a YouTube outro sequence on your next video. Whether you use a browser-based outro maker like Placeit, or exercise complete creative control in Adobe After Effects with a template from Envato Elements, use every second of your video to make an impact. And now you’ve got your outro sorted, make sure you create a great YouTube intro too!

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