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How to Make an Eye-Catching YouTube Intro

Learn how to use a YouTube intro maker that combines graphics, logos, text, and audio to help you grow your YouTube channel.

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Posted 15 Apr 2019

Nearly 2 billion users in more than 91 countries visit YouTube every month, where they enter search terms and look for the answers to their questions in video format. The first thing they see once they click on your video thumbnail is your YouTube intro. Using a Youtube intro template allows you to make compelling and consistent YouTube videos that capture and hold your audience’s attention. Learn how to use a YouTube intro maker that combines graphics, logos, text, and audio ato help you grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube Checklist

Alongside YouTube channel art and YouTube outros, a video intro is a key component of building your YouTube channel experience. Before we dive into how to make a YouTube intro, here are three key elements that you’ll find in all the best YouTube video intros:

  1. They’re quick
    Above all, your intro shouldn’t last more than a few seconds. YouTube swarms the viewer with other suggestions in the sidebar, and you need to make sure that they don’t click away while your introduction lingers.
  2. They’re on-brand
    Your YouTube intro is your chance to introduce your brand, and includes assets that fit your channel’s content. For example, we wouldn’t recommend explosions and techno music for your personal finance brand channel. Make sure that the intro fits with the type of content your viewer is expecting to view.
  3. They’re consistent
    Use the same YouTube channel intro every time to create consistency and set a tone with your viewership.

A good example of this can be seen in our infographics round-up below, where we show the Envato logo and quickly jump to the content at hand:

In this how-to, we’ll cover two approaches that teach you how to make an intro for your YouTube channel. No matter your level of video editing expertise, you can learn to build a YouTube intro of your own that has the power to grab a viewer’s attention and hold itt

YouTube Intro Maker

Even though every YouTube channel could benefit from a channel intro, the challenge lies in building one. Let’s face it: many video apps are tough to use, and you may not have the skills it takes to create a professional YouTube intro.

Enter, Placeit: a browser-based tool that takes all the hard work out of building your YouTube video intro. With Placeit, you don’t have to master any additional apps to create a professional video intro that works for your channel. Start with a template, add your channel details, and download your finished intro.

Placeit has a number of great starting points for creating your YouTube intro. Here are some of our favorites that can easily be customized to suit your channel:

Gaming channels have gained incredible popularity in recent years. If you’re trying to grow your streaming, tips, or reviews channel, this intro is the perfect choice. It’s worth noting that, thanks to Placeit’s customization tools, you could just as easily use this YouTube video intro for practically any purpose. It’s high energy and well animated, and would fit channels from a wide variety of genres.

Remember that winning intros need to be quick and snappy so that your viewers don’t lose interest and move on. This confetti-rific video is the perfect example of how simple your channel intro can be to grab your audience’s attention.

This preset makes it easy to drop in your brand colors and logo and start your video off on the right tone.

Here’s a great choice for a wide variety of channels. It’s a breeze to add your logo and brand colors and bring your channel to life.

YouTube Intro Templates

While Placeit is a wonderful intro maker tool, many YouTube channel owners already know how to use apps like Adobe After Effects and enjoy the creative freedom this allows.

The best of both worlds approach is to use a pre-built template for Adobe After Effects. Not only is this a cost-effective option, but it will also save hours of time that you can dedicate to building great content for your YouTube channel.

The best place to grab YouTube intro templates is on Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives. An added bonus is that Elements includes stock footage, audio clips, and photos that you can easily add to your channel intros–all for a flat-rate monthly subscription. Even if you stop subscribing, you’ll retain the rights to use the intro you created.

Envato Elements has over 7,000 video templates, including these three great YouTube openers:

1. YouTube Opener by Afterdarkness75

The aptly-named YouTube Opener asset is one of the best ways to combine imagery, text, and your logo to create an eye-catching intro. Again, the focus here is on creating a quick and punchy intro that only introduces your content and doesn’t detract from it.

2. YouTube Channel Kit by honypix

Inside this package, you’ll find a number of assets that are perfect for spicing up your YouTube channel, including ready-to-use intro graphics. Just add your text and logos to make it your own.

3. YouTube Promo 2 by Media_Stock

This package combines a quick intro with a promotional aspect. It leaves you room to ask for subscribers and channel likes, right in the body of the intro, then quickly pivots to the content at hand.

Whether you use a browser-based tool like Placeit or an After Effects template, a YouTube video intro is a must-have. Keep it short, keep it on-brand, and keep it consistent.

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