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8 Big Instagram Trends To Try In 2020

Instagram is a never-ending stream of ever-changing fads, features and formats. So, if you wanna stay at the top of your Insta game, you gotta stay trend savvy!

Posted 20 May 2020
Instagram Trends 2020

THIS JUST IN-STAGRAM! While none of us had 20/20 vision for what this crazy year would bring, there’s no denying that – even in the face of a global pandemic – the trends start comin’ and they don’t stop coming!

Instagram is a never-ending stream of ever-changing fads, features and formats, and with the snap-happy platform growing bigger by the day, it can be hard to keep up with what’s trending and what’s ending. But if you wanna stay at the top of your Insta game, you gotta stay trend savvy!

So, from arts & crafts and collages to Instactivism and authenticity, we’re bringing you a mid-year trend check to break down the latest and greatest Instagram marketing trends dominating our feeds. Stay tuned if you want the lowdown on new features like Instagram Reels and Instagram Shops.

01. IGTV Series

IGTV, Instagram Stories, YouTube, TikTok… It’s no secret that video is THE most entertaining and engaging form of digital content both on and off Instagram. So, if you’re not already creating video, now’s the time to get a movie on!

Lately, there’s been a tonne of IGTV Series popping up all over the ‘Gram – such as Zoella’s Tuesday Takeover, Anthropologie’s Afternoons with Anthro and even National Geographic’s Wild Life Series – and given IGTV’s growing popularity, they’re absolutely taking off! Rather than producing one-off videos on a semi-regular basis, creating your very own episodic video series is a surefire way to increase your reach, up your engagement, and keep your followers coming back for more.

With dedicated titles, themes, and even a subscribe button to notify your followers mid-scroll when new content rolls out, it’s easy to see why brands, businesses and creators alike are jumping on board the IGTV Series trend. Just remember to keep your intro short & snappy, ensure the text overlay complements your background and show off your IGTV personality. 

Ready to give it a go? Lights, camera, action!

02. DIY Memes

There’s no denying that Instagram is all meme, meme, meme! People love content that they can relate to, and while memes have been around for years – 2020 is all about the DIY meme!

All you need to get started is an audience and a sense of humour, so put that cynicism creativity to use by creating some chuckle-inducing content for your community to connect with.

Remember, the success of any meme is allllll in its relatability – and no one knows your audience better than you! Go on, show your Insta-followers how much they meme to you 💚

03. Monochrome Aesthetics

Whether you prefer bold and bright or black and white, we have it on good authority that monochrome feeds have this year’s Instagram aesthe-tick of approval!

Weaving a simple, consistent colour scheme throughout your content not only helps to create a recognisable visual brand – it looks absolutely stunning.

Here are the 10 best two-tone templates to get you feeling at monochrome:

04. Illustration

Let’s get Illustraight to the point: artistic, crafty content is absolutely killing it on Instagram right now! Insta artists such as Ashley Ronning and By Mari Andrew have blown up online over the last year, proving that people are absolutely loving a more raw, real and crafty feel to their feeds.

Start integrating illustration into your Insta by layering a doodle over your photos or posts, or dive in the deep end and try your hand at Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or ProCreate. Either way, we reckon everyone can draw some inspiration from illustration!

Feast your eyes on some of these incredible illustration styles trending right now:

05. Puzzle Grids

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen the ‘Puzzle Grid’ trend popping up all over Insta… And no, we’re not talking about an activity to keep yourself occupied during isolation!

The super chic Puzzle Grid – such as this incredible example from @juniperoats – allows every image you post to interact with those around it, creating a bigger picture that blends seamlessly from one edge of your grid to the other!

juniperoats puzzle grid Instagram

While it looks super complicated to create, it’s actually pretty easy – especially when you’ve got these stunning Instagram post templates to work with.

06. Collage

You don’t need a collage education to master this trend!

Allowing you to merge multiple mediums and blur content boundaries of typical content formats, it’s clear that collage art has already become one of the biggest Instagram trends of 2020.

With prominent artists, brands, and influencers – such as Insta artists Journal Bean and Labyrinth of Collages – creating eye-catching collages from one end of Insta to the other, it’s no surprise that this trend has sparked many creators’ creativity and spread like wildfire. While the intricate nature of this content format can be intimidating, creating a collage isn’t as hard as it looks! It’s just about finding the right tools for you…

Adobe applications are everything. They’re a little complicated to use at first, but it’s worth teaching yourself and mastering apps like Lightroom. Sometimes, I go back to basics and use paper and scissors to create something handmade. It takes me back to being younger, cutting out fashion editorials and collaging on my bedroom walls. How things have changed!

Paria, @labyrinthofcollages

07. Authenticity

While most movements will come and go, there’s one trend that’s here to stay… Audiences are craving authenticity more than ever before, so keeping it real and staying true to you is the KEY to creating content that really connects. No one does you like you do, so don’t be afraid to be yourself and say it how it is!

Whether it be on a creative, professional or personal level, people crave organic and genuine content – so figure out what makes you tick and stick with it.

Subscribe to Envato Elements for access to stunning authentic photography from Twenty20!

08. Content for a Cause

As the most popular and engaging social platform in the world, Instagram has become a global hub for connecting with our communities, standing up for a purpose and driving social change.

In 2019, we saw support for social issues skyrocket on Instagram, with Insta-activists rallying for climate change, Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, and #TimesUp. This year, we’ve seen Instagram become a primary source of community, unity and support for those affected by the Australian bushfires, as well as a source of hope and connection during the unprecedented events of Covid-19.

Undeniably, the hottest trend 2020 is all about standing up for what you believe in, connecting with our communities and using our platforms for purpose and positive change. We’re all In-sta this together!

If you enjoyed this trend report, check out our take on the video trends that matter in 2020, and follow Envato on Instagram for more Insta-spiration!

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