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Shake Up Your Social Media With Milkshake, Our Instagram Website Maker

Find out how Insta website builder Milkshake can help you say more, share more and sell more on Instagram.

Posted 17 Jun 2019
Milkshake Instagram website maker

“Link in bio” is a commonly used phrase on Instagram, but the challenge for many entrepreneurs and influencers is that “you can only link once”. That’s why Envato’s co-founder Cyan Ta’eed and her team are looking to shake things up with a new app to help you up your Insta game.

Milkshake app by Envato

While other Instagram linking tools do exist, the Milkshake app enables you to build an Instagram website on your mobile device for free. This site, made up of ‘cards’, is not only stylish and sophisticated—with multiple ‘looks’ to choose from—it’s the source of truth for the modern, multi-faceted entrepreneur. You can include links to your latest work, as well as a bio and much, much more.

Say More. Share More. Sell More

Milkshake’s mission is to help people, predominantly women, to build their personal brands online. Targeted at “movers, shakers, creators, and game-changers”, the platform acts as an extension of your Instagram brand, where you can say more, share more, and sell more.

Madeleine Rochecouste, the Product Marketing Specialist for Milkshake, said, “We want to empower Instagrammers to promote everything they have going on, and we believe Milkshake is an easy and personal way to do that. Women have so many dreams and aspirations that Instagram is helping them to achieve by providing an audience. We want to help them further establish their brand on Instagram or turn their ideas, hobbies and ambitions into a business by commercializing their social presence.”

Milkshake can be a launchpad to your existing website, podcast, blog, or e-commerce store. It’s a simple solution to promote all you have to offer on Instagram. You can use your Insta website to introduce yourself, share links to your content, products, and work, share your top picks, must do’s and must-haves and, importantly, launch your latest business venture to your followers.

Made for Mobile

The Milkshake team worked with local Australian influencers to develop the app. They invited potential users in early to test prototypes and establish a need within the Instagram community. The result? A mobile app that offers a seamless experience from your Instagram bio.

Milkshake Insta websites are designed to look super slick inside Instagram’s mobile web browser. Madeleine explains, “We wanted Milkshake to complement Instagram. To keep your followers on the platform and engaged with your content. We also wanted to make the experience of making an Insta website as easy as posting content on Instagram.” With the functionality to swipe between cards that are similar to Instagram Stories, followers won’t feel as if they’ve left Instagram when they’re consuming content on your site. The experience is beautiful and consistent, and it feels native to Instagram as the app is made for mobile and is very visual.

You can make and update your Insta website on the go, wherever you are, with the Milkshake app. It’s ideal for time-poor entrepreneurs or those with limited design and technical capabilities.


Speaking of design, each ‘look’ is what Madeleine describes as “Insta-worthy”. She said, “We found that typical website builders were quite dry. The landing pages, colors, fonts, etc. are mostly aligned to a tech aesthetic. We saw a gap for a product that makes building and interacting with a website fun. Fun, easy, beautiful is what we live by. And the fact that everything can be done on your phone is a big bonus as it enables anyone to get involved at any time.” As one of Milkshake’s user testers told the team, “If I can’t do it on my phone it won’t get done.”

Milkshake App Cards

Making a Milkshake shouldn’t be daunting. If you want to update the look you’ve chosen, you can quickly shake it up whenever you want. Content is structured in the same way across looks, so you don’t have to update your copy, images or links when you change your Insta website design. For each card, from the About card to the Links card, there are multiple looks to choose from, with more added all the time, so you won’t get bored of your Milkshake in a hurry!

The Milkshake Brand

The brand itself is also a feast for the eyes, thanks to Brand Designer, Sophie Dunn. Sophie was thrilled to join Cyan, Madeleine and the Milkshake team as she saw an opportunity to “create a fun, youthful brand.” She describes Milkshake as “a brand that is built on the characteristics of our audience: fun, bold, confident, and gutsy”.

Anyone who has been following Milkshake on Instagram and subscribed to the brand’s School of Instagram program would have to agree that it’s packed full of personality. So we’re thrilled that it’s now live and launched in the app store. Follow our lead and be one of the first to use Milkshake, now.

Find out more at milkshake.app and download Milkshake for free!

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