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8 Creative Logo Design Trends for 2022: From Illustration to Multicolored Gradients

Looking for logo design inspiration? Here are the top logo design trends predicted for 2022.

Posted 12 Jan 2022
Logo Design Trends 2022

As we approach 2022, we’re all ready to take on the future with a fresh outlook and a new perspective. So, whether you’re building a new brand or revamping an existing one, now is the perfect time to give your logo a makeover.

Ready for some logo inspiration? From retro design and hand-drawn elements to multicolored gradients and glitch logos, here are the top logo design trends we’re predicting for 2022.

1. Nature Logo Design

As customers increasingly seek out companies with sustainable credentials, it’s never been more important for brand logos to convey an eco-friendly message (where there is one). Adding natural elements to your logo design can be a simple way to communicate that your brand is environmentally conscious and committed to doing good.

Illustrations & Motifs

Wilderness Festival logo

Natural logo designs typically feature illustrations and motifs that convey the feel of the great outdoors. For example, this colorful, floral-themed logo for the UK’s Wilderness Festival, where attendees are invited to get back to nature while camping among lakes, forests and parklands. 

To add delicate petals and beautiful blooms to your logo, try out this Floral Wreath Save The Date by roselindo and simply customize the text to suit your project.

Natural Color Palettes

Logo Design - Natural Color Palettes - Aesop Logo

Natural color palettes are having a moment in design, and lend themselves perfectly to logos. However, you want people to instantly clock your brand – so make sure to choose a unique blend of colors to represent you. Take for example luxury skincare label Aesop’s instantly recognizable logo – featuring minimal serifs and a little dash above the ‘e’ – which really pops in contrast with the neutral background. Aesop’s mushroom-beige and sunset-pink to forest-green and sky-blue packaging and collateral stands out with a color palette inspired by nature

Hand-Drawn Logos

Hand-drawn elements are another way to get back-to-basics and add a rustic feel to your logos. For example, skincare brand Mad Hippie opts for a simple combination of a leaf and a heart-shaped flower to represent its natural beauty products and commitment to conservation.  

Grow your brand with Hand-drawn Feminine Logo Template by Holismjd, which features editable colors and text, and channels an organic, DIY feel.

Or give your logo plenty of room to breathe with this simple, single-line illustration that quickly establishes a clear and unique brand identity.

2. Throwback Logos

Logo Design - Throwback logos - Cadbury Logo

Over the past few years, we’ve seen brands return to their roots with rebooted versions of their classic logo designs

For instance, British confectionary company Cadbury have recently added a contemporary twist to their old-school packaging. Evoking a sense of childhood nostalgia, their new logo features the iconic glass of milk and swirling Cadbury signature, representing the company’s commitment to their age-old recipe. 

“I’ve observed more brands leaning into their past to realize the power of their history and heritage,” says Envato UX Designer, Sean Feehan. “There is something beautiful about combining the best aspects of former styles with current best practices to create something relevant that honors the past.”

If you want a throwback logo to channel a vintage sensibility, check out this retro coffee grinder logo from Envato Elements. To learn more about integrating 60s, 70s or 80s influences into your designs, check out these Retro Design Trends and browse a selection of 70s logos

3. Clearer Fonts

Logo Design - Clearer Fonts - Sweetgreen

When it comes to cutting through the noise, a clear and uncluttered brand logo will stand out from the crowd and aid customer recognition.

With simplicity trending in design this year, it’s no wonder that brands are ditching the twirling cursive and superfluous details in favor of clear, easy-to-read typography which is more readable across a range of devices and screen sizes.

Recently, fast food chain Sweetgreen prioritized legibility by removing their inverted lettering. The shift towards a clearer look and feel is also supported by a two-tone color palette that really highlights the brand’s logo. 

If you’re looking for a clean and modern font, this Qartella font by Fontastica is ideal for logos, branding materials and corporate identities. You could also try out some recommended fonts for making monogram logos.

4. Stripped-Back Branding

Logo Design - Stripped Back Branding - French car manufacturer Renault

Clearer fonts also play into our next logo design trend – stripped-back branding. Many companies are now overhauling their visual identities in favor of a more simplistic style to give their brand a modern feel.

Take French car manufacturer Renault, who recently revealed their new geometric logo design. Simple yet effective, the latest iteration of its classic diamond logo stays true to the brand’s original identity while being more applicable to a range of modern use cases. 

Geometric shapes are regularly used to add structure and communicate stability in logo design. To try out this trend, experiment with this fully editable logo template from Pixasquare which features an eye-catching repeated diamond pattern. 

5. Multicolored Gradients

Logo Design - Mutlicolored Gradients - Adobe Creative Cloud logo

While gradients have been trending for a while now, multicolored gradients have recently made their way into the world of logo design. 

Adobe uses this trend in its Creative Cloud logo, which features a blend of colors representing the various tools within the brand’s portfolio. We see magenta for Indesign, blue for Photoshop, orange for Illustrator and so on. In this sense, Adobe uses multicolor gradients to establish a clear and consistent brand identity across all of its products and services. 

Whether you’re working for a retail, entertainment or creative services company, you’ll be sure to attract attention with this Hypnotize Gradient Colorful Logo by ivan_artnivora

6. A Sense of Movement

Logo Trends - Movement - Wise Logo

We’re also seeing tilted or slightly curved logos being used to create a dynamic sense of movement. Associated with speedy service and quick-thinking, this style is synonymous with progress and innovation. 

Take a look at this logo from money-transfer app Wise, which is referred to as the ‘fast flag’. Their forward-leaning, flying-in-the-wind logo perfectly represents their USP of sending and receiving cash quickly and seamlessly, appearing across the brand’s website, app and social media profile pictures.

Whether you see a flickering flame or a leaf blowing in the wind, this Abstract Letter A Logo by yuanesei is all about moving fast and making change. 

7. Ditching Containers

Logo Design - Ditching Containers - Visa Logo Redesign

Just as this year’s logo design trends include clearer fonts and stripped-back branding, we’re also seeing brands free their logos from containers. 

In its redesigned logo, Visa has removed the traditional rectangle that resembles a credit card to create a more visually streamlined result. Improving the clarity of the brand’s visual identity on both small screens and dynamic platforms, it also acknowledges a move towards cardless payments. 

Perfect for refreshing a dated or clunky logo, try out this vintage-meets-modern minimal logo from Envato author roselindo.

8. Glitch Logos

TikTok logo

Imitating the imperfections of television static or misprinted colors, glitch logos are great for giving your brand a futuristic edge.

We see this trend really having an impact in the TikTok logo, which communicates the performative element of the platform. The logo’s shifting and overlapping colors give it a DIY aesthetic, which aligns with the user-generated content hosted on the app. 

Take an image or text and turn it into a glitch-looking graphic in just a few clicks with this glitch logo and text effect.

That does it for the logo design trends you’ll be seeing in 2022! To stay up to speed with more trends content, check out our Graphic Design Trends and Color Trends for 2022

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