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How to Create a Logo: Top 10 Logo Design Tutorials on Tuts+

Want to know how to design a stand-out logo? Check out these top logo design tutorials on Tuts+.

Posted 27 Sep 2022
How to Create a Logo: Top 10 Logo Design Tutorials on Tuts+

Logos are an essential brand touchpoint. Getting your logo design right can take significant time and budget, but taking your logo design back into your own hands can save on both. If you’re designing your logo from scratch, logo design tutorials can be a big help.

What is Logo Design? 

First, what are we talking about when we talk about logo design? A good logo is an at-a-glance visual representation of your brand. Your logo should grab attention but also convey what your brand is all about. It should be simple, relevant, and, most importantly, memorable.

Your logo might be text-based, image-based, or both. But balancing impact with a professional look isn’t easy, especially if you’re looking at how to create a logo design for free in the first instance or on a small budget. So, take control of the trial and error in the design stage.

How to Create a Logo 

Short of working with a designer, there are a few ways to take your logo design into your own hands. For a quick solution, one approach is to make the most of logo templates and mockups. Using an existing template and tweaking it to suit your needs can cut a lot of work out of the design stage. You can use templates and mockups for experimentation, idea gathering, or even practice. Before getting started, it’s also a good idea to look at the top logo design trends for inspiration. For a detailed overview of logo design, check out this guide to what makes an excellent logo

Logo tutorials will guide you through the whole process and assist you in developing all the skills you need. There’s a lot to remember when designing a logo: color choices, typography, design style – and ensuring your logo will look good across all mediums and devices. A learning hub like Envato Tuts+ is full of free tutorials to find and hone in on the skills you need to create your perfect logo.

So, let’s get started! Here are 10 of the best logo design tutorials available on Envato Tuts+.

Top 10 Logo Design Tutorials on Tuts+

1. Mastering Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

In this first tutorial, Daniel White takes you through everything you need to know about Illustrator for logo design, from learning the tools and navigating your way around panels to creating an actual logo design. 

2. Creating Professional Logos in an Instant

In this short course, graphic designer and design writer Grace Fussell will take you through a design method that makes designing logos for clients a cinch. The best part? Once you learn the technique, you can use it for your designs, too.

3. How to Design a Vintage Circular Logo in Illustrator

For something specific, in this tutorial, you’ll learn to make a vintage logo in Illustrator. It shows you how to create a logo using vector shapes, a pattern brush, textures, and text. It’s perfect for artisan food products or tea, coffee, and drinks with an old-school family brand feel. 

4. How to Make a Dripping Logo

How to Make a Dripping Logo

With design effects, you can take a straightforward design and elevate your logo to the next level. In this tutorial, you’ll start with a basic logo design and learn how to create a dripping effect. You’ll look at how to form droplets and add drips to the design, and voila – you’ll be ready to add your drip effect to any logo design.

5. 10 Top Tips on How to Design a Logo

10 Top Tips on How to Design a Logo

This tutorial covers a comprehensive introduction to logo design. These ten tips will take you through developing an idea, executing want to achieve with your logo, considering versatility, and harnessing negative space.

6. How to Use Affinity Designer to Design a Logo

If you’ve been looking to get up to scratch on using the software Affinity Designer, then look no further. In this tutorial, designer and game designer Zap Layden will show you how to use type and shape tools, then prepare and export your logo.

7. How to Animate the Layers of a Logo in After Effects

Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, master some more advanced skills with this tutorial from Jonathan Lam. Here you’ll learn how to prepare a logo design (in this case, for Best Burger) with layers and then animate it using Adobe After Effects.

8. How to Make Your Own Logo Design (Do It Yourself Guide)

For those designing a logo for the first time, this tutorial by Nona Blackman goes through everything you need to know in detail – specifically, how to create a logo online.

9. How to Design a Monogram Logo (Using a Monogram Maker)

Some of the world’s most iconic logos are monograms – in other words, they use two or more overlapping letters. Think Louis Vuitton, Warner Bros., and Chanel. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a logo using the monogram maker, Placeit. 

10. How to Make a Monogram in Illustrator

This tutorial takes the monogram making over to Illustrator, as Andrei Marius shows you how to make a circle monogram. Starting with the simple grid and starting shape, you’ll learn vector-shape building techniques, create a linear gradient, and finish with some subtle effects.

If you liked these, there are plenty more tutorials of every variety available on Envato Tuts+ – from coding and web design to business skills. And when you’re ready to start churning out more designs of your own, every content creator needs an arsenal of creative assets. A subscription to Envato Elements will give you access to all the templates you need and more.

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