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Life needs more karaoke moments, and lyric videos are making that happen.

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Posted 9 Oct 2017
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You’ve just heard the newest hit song. Next step: learn the words so you don’t embarrass yourself again by mumbling nervously while everyone else in the car sings loud and proud. Quick! Pull out the CD booklet, flip through the pages ‘til you find the track, and read the world’s tiniest font over and over until you’ve got it down.

Or, if you don’t happen to live in the past: simply watch and learn with a lyric video. This trendy music video style takes a page from Sesame Street by adding text for maximum sing-a-long benefits.

The lyric video essentially completes the following goal: Text appears on the screen when the words are sung. These captions could be as simple as green Comic Sans over a solid purple background (but we’ve already established that this isn’t 2003). The most successful lyric videos today are really successful. I mean, hundreds-of-millions-of-views successful. So what are they doing right? These chart-topping videos are not just adding text to the screen, they are creating an entirely new character to the song: the words.

Font as Character

Do you love Taylor Swift’s new song “Look What You Made Me Do,” but the music video pushes the envelope on how many T-Swifts you can handle on-screen at the same time? Check out Odd’s equally sexy lyric version.

Taylor’s live-action video includes many snakes as accessories. But here in the lyric video world, hypnotizing snakes are the words themselves:

Yes, we’re reading along, but we’re also watching a story unfold. It’s an animated film-noir full of serpentine danger; a femme fatal out for revenge. Not only do we see the words, we feel them watching back. And they’re ready to strike.

Personality in Font

For something with a little less angst, watch The Chainsmokers lyric video for their song “Paris,” directed by Rory Kramer.

No animation needed here. This is an example of text over video content. Lyrics jump on screen as we watch a home-video style montage of a beautiful life with a beautiful woman. The font looks like handwriting, matching the atmosphere of a personal video journal. When the female vocal enters the scene, the handwriting changes to match her voice. It feels personal and real. It feels like we’re looking in on love notes passed between the two vocalists.

“Paris” is the perfect example of how lyric videos create personality and voice through the fonts chosen.

How to Make Your Own Lyric Video

Ready to add your own touch to your favorite songs? Whether you’re inspired to capture a song’s true essence or put your fun vacation videos to good use, get started with VideoHive. Here are some of our favorite templates:

Envato community member romlam says that this Lyrics Template is “so warm and inspiring”. This project is the perfect place to start if you’re new to the whole process. It includes 60 text holders, a media holder, modular structure, full-color control, and even a step-by-step video tutorial. Learn while creating— the ultimate combo deal.

Want hand-drawn effects? AI-OT’s template with three versions has “rhythmical, flashy, stylish and fast elements made in an asymmetrical style to resemble hand-drawn doodles.” Two versions of the template include video placeholders. The other is made with an animated character drawn by a 10-year-old artist named Emily. And she’s good.

RoyalPixels’ beginner-friendly template has hand-drawn effects and three versions to choose from. And they value customer satisfaction—they promise to answer all questions you may have along the way.

Short on time but want to create a sweet and slow video? This updated template by geratipico is designed to help you make a lyric video in only a few simple steps. But don’t worry, you can use the video tutorial if no steps are simple for you just yet. It has multiple controls like Lens Flare FX, Vignette, and Circular Fade In/Out. With this clean and simple template, you’ll be ready to showcase in no time.

I like the visual appeal and the elegant atmosphere of an art gallery. Great for showing any kind of media artwork. The modular structure of the Art Museum Gallery gives the user flexibility. You have the freedom to rearrange the project’s scenes to make your own story. A second version is included where all the wall paintings are frameless, for a more modern look.

The lovely romantic atmosphere in three parts – for him, for her, and for them both. It is perfectly amazing for a duet. Also, the template has 4K resolution for showing on big screens!

The dreamy atmosphere of this project is perfect for a beautiful love story, romantic memories, and any other special occasions.

8. Ink Memories Parallax Slideshow by TranSMaxX

Elegant slideshow with drop inks and parallax effects. Perfect for an original and colorful wedding opener, family introduction, or anniversary slideshow.

With this template, your soundtracks will look their best on your YouTube channel, or on the screens of a nightclub.

10. Words Of Love by Themilamax

A great and unique project of its kind.

11. Around the World by miph

Nice animated lyric video with original unique illustrations.

It’s quite a unique template that creates an amazing mood.

13. Doodle Lyrics by agungugang

Create your own story with animated, hand-drawn doodles.

14. Glitch Opening Titles by BLAQMATRIX

This is excellent for opening a dramatic story. It also has some positive lyrical intonation and blends difference tones and styles.

It’s perfect for video caption and lyrics.

It is simple, creative, and you can create a unique lyric video using any media (videos or images) in the background.

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