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Made With Envato: Creating Colorful Digital Collage with Amsiro.jpg

Meet Finland-based collage artist Amsiro.jpg and find out how she uses a variety of Envato Elements items to create her bright, colorful digital collages.

Posted 6 Oct 2021
Made With Envato Amsiro.jpg

Finland-based graphic designer and talented artist Anne-Mari Sironen – AKA @amsiro.jpg – designs bright, colorful digital collages centered around the themes of nature, nostalgia and creativity. Anne-Marie is an expert at catching her followers’ eyes with everything from surreal, abstract landscapes to ethereal, dreamy scenes, which is why we were thrilled to get the chance to chat to her about social media, her creative toolkit and more!

A designer in an advertising agency by day and a creative powerhouse by night, Anne has been creating collages for just over a year – which is hard to believe given the depth of artistry in her work. Featuring a mixture of illustration, photography, graphics, textures and typography, Anne-Mari’s collages – which she shares on Instagram – overflow with vibrancy, color and creativity, giving her followers a peek into her fantasy world.

We sat down for a chat with Anne-Mari to find out the story behind her delightful digital collages, and how she uses Envato Elements to create her work… 

What’s your artistic background and how did you get into digital art?

I got into digital art about a year ago. I have a background in graphic design, and during the day I work as a designer in an advertising agency. I have also done freelance work such as designing book layouts and ads. But when the global pandemic hit and the future became uncertain, I needed something else to think about. I’d been sitting on the idea of doing collages for a couple months and felt especially creative at that time, so I searched for places to find images and started trying to create something interesting and positive.

What inspires your art?

If you look at my work, you can see what things are close to my heart. I love flowers, the moon, gemstones and of course – cats. I also love colors and anything that sparkles. Nature, fashion, and nostalgia in general are also recurring themes in my work, but I find inspiration everywhere.

I typically try to make something beautiful, but with a twist that catches the eye. I like to create positive scenes and dreamy, surreal landscapes. I hope my work inspires people and has a positive effect on their daily lives. 

How do your ideas get from your imagination to Instagram? What’s your full creative process for creating art?

My creative process usually starts with one picture. I spend hours searching to find the right one that speaks to me. After finding the right image, I think of what kind of pictures I could combine it with to make the piece unique yet beautiful at the same time. It’s like a puzzle that I put together, and I just love it. I find the full creative process from masking pictures to creating an original piece very therapeutic.

How does Envato Elements help you create your work? What’s the best thing about Envato Elements for digital artists like yourself?

I’ve been using Envato Elements for a couple of months now and I’m over the moon about it. Before Envato Elements, I used mostly free stock photography, and because of that I never found good isolated photos with white backgrounds. I was so happy when I saw that Envato Elements had basically everything that I’ve been missing over the years. I mostly use photos, graphics, and 3D items. The 3D objects are amazing as they allow you to choose the specific angle you want. And, one of the best things is that you don’t have to worry about licensing! 

Envato Elements has basically made my creative process so much easier and it’s now the main resource for my art. You can find everything that you possibly think of, the quality of the assets is superb, and they can make your own work a bit more refined. It can also boost your workflow.

How does Elements fit into your creative toolkit? What other programs, tools and techniques do you use to create your work?

I mostly use Photoshop and sometimes Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. People often want to know how I get the textures for my collages. My secret is that I use a pattern fill in Photoshop to create that unique retro halftone effect.

Where do you sell or promote your work?

I just started selling my prints on Society6! But other than that, I only use Instagram to promote my work. I think Instagram is a great tool to find your audience, and there is a supportive atmosphere among the collage-artist community – you never know who might come across your work. My collages have also been featured six times by the lifestyle brand Goop, which has 1.7 million followers!

What’s the biggest learning you’ve had from becoming a digital artist? What advice would you give to others just starting out?

Finding inspiration and developing your own voice is something any artist seeks. It can be difficult sometimes, but you have to start somewhere. Don’t overthink things too much – just let your creativity flow and have fun! Trust yourself and your vision. Sometimes it’s a hit, and sometimes you have to start all over again and that’s okay. At some point you should put your work out there to be seen. The more you create the more you learn. 

What are your top 3 tips for creating amazing, high-quality digital art?

  1. Finding good pictures is crucial, so having a good library is important. 
  2. Letting your creativity flow is also a great way to find inspiration. Don’t just wait for it to come out of thin air. Instead search for inspiration in lots of different areas – such as art, music and media. 
  3. Finally, trust your vision, try new things, and create! 

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