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Happy 15th Birthday to Us! Here’s 15 Things You Can Make With Envato

As we celebrate our 15th birthday, take a look at some of the cool and creative things that are made with Envato, from celebrity websites to awesome digital art.

Posted 23 Aug 2021
Envato 15th birthday made with Envato inspiration

This month, we’re celebrating Envato’s 15th birthday. We’re so proud that over the last 15 years we’ve been able to help millions of people around the world get their creative projects done – and at the same time we’ve supported thousands of authors to make a living from their work. 

The thing we love most about working with creatives all around the world is seeing what they can deliver using our tools as the starting point. Whether it’s a feature film, an Instagram Story, a website or a digital artwork, for a client, brand or personal project, we’re constantly inspired and delighted by what our community can create. It’s been a long journey – from Australian startup to global business – but we’ve maintained a passion for creativity, learning, and design that we know you share too.

To celebrate our birthday, we thought we’d take a look at some of the awesome things that have been #MadewithEnvato. This list only scratches the surface, but we hope it provides some inspiration.

1. A Fantasy World

Many of the amazing work we get tagged in on Instagram comes from Photoshop artists such as PhaseRunner and Nemanja Sekulic. As well as being endlessly inspiring, the worlds that they create through their work enable users to learn new Photoshop skills as they follow along.

In this speed art tutorial, PhaseRunner shows us how to create a dragon egg in a fantasy environment, using this heavenly light rays background by VProxy.

On a similar theme, Nemanja takes a holiday photo he took with a drone and places a dragon skeleton beneath the water using this 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton by PixelSquid360.

For more imaginative inspiration, check out the hashtag #MadewithEnvato.

2. A Drawing Transformed into A Realistic Animation

Next up, another YouTube superstar – this time Benny Productions. Benny has a series called Realistified, where he turns drawings from his community into realistic artworks using Photoshop. He often uses items from Envato Elements to produce these amazing sketch to screen creations.

3. A TV Montage

The hugely popular and award-winning The Ellen DeGeneres Show has seen the world’s biggest names, from Justin Bieber to President Joe Biden join host Ellen on the sofa. After nearly 20 years, Ellen’s set to hang up her hosting hat in 2022. If you want a reminder of some of the best musical performances from over the last two decades, check out this montage featuring Mosaic Block Reveal by Ultinato available on Envato Elements and VideoHive.

4. A Logo (On An iPad!)

One of the best things about running an educational platform (AKA Envato Tuts+) with a YouTube channel is we get to work with some top creative talent to create content that we hope will inspire and inform your creative projects. In a recent video, we invited Alice Thorpe to teach on the topic of how to design a logo in Adobe Illustrator on the iPad. Watch along now!

5. A Website for a Comedy Superstar

You may know him as Russell Brand, UK comedian extraordinaire. Or you may know him as @rustyrockets, Tweeter, meditator, writer, activist – AKA the ultimate Jack of all trades. He’s also done an excellent job of building a personal brand online, and – unless you’re a teenage TikTok phenomenon – it can be hard to do that without a website. Russell’s site is built using ThemeFusion’s Avada, one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world, available on Themeforest. Russel’s site also includes the Grid Plugin by Theme-one from CodeCanyon to create the layout as well as Custom Post Types and Taxonomy by AmunetBiz for the events section. This all adds up to a sleek, functional home for his events, podcasts, bio and more.

6. A Killer Opening Sequence

When it comes to great titles, openers and theme music, no one’s really nailing it like Netflix. So it’s unsurprising that popular tracks from AudioJungle authors are being used in Netflix shows. In the 2018 comedy special Losing It by Indian comedian and actor Vir Das, Energetic Power Rock by FortyTwoStudio is the song of choice to get the viewers pumped up before the show.

7. A Site Worthy of A Rock Star

For US singer Sheryl Crow, everyday is a winding road, and every website is an opportunity to promote your tours, music and news. Sheryl’s site was created using Rebellion – Theme for Music Bands & Record Labels by Edge-Themes from ThemeForest. A popular choice among those in the music biz.

8. A Mockup of Your Packaging Design

Abi of Abi Design is a graphic designer from the UK who’s making quite a splash teaching other aspiring designers the tricks of the trade. In this video, which we proudly sponsored, Abi shows you how to use mockup templates to bring brand concepts to life – and impress your clients.

9. A Video Game Trailer

We all know how important music and sound effects are in gaming. So if you’re looking to create a video game, epic may well be the order of the day. Decay of Logos is a PlayStation 4 game in which players help Ada on her quest for revenge. It features Dramatic Cinematic Trailer Music by Storment from AudioJungle – a track with a massive orchestra, choral choirs, dark post-apocalyptic piano and atmospheric guitar. The perfect pairing for a powerful, cinematic and intense gaming experience.

10. An Album Artwork

Luke Renoe is an experienced digital creator who shares his work on Instagram. In this album artwork, which has a futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic, he uses Envato to bring his work to life.

11. A Cool Collage

Collage has gone from being something we all did in preschool with glue and old magazines, to a seriously cool and sophisticated medium in the digital age. There are a lot of mixed media artists on Instagram who we admire, from Labyrinth of Collages to Sara Shakeel. We’ve recently been working with Naomi Amber Dawn whose ethereal, dreamlike creations are mesmerising.

12. A Behind the Scenes Video

Victoria’s Secret has undergone a rebrand of late, but as soon as it was established in 1995, the brand’s runway show became a big ticket in the fashion industry and VIP access was extremely sought after. No backstage video is complete without a banging soundtrack. Attention by MikhailovMusic_NE from AudioJungle is the ultimate motivational, upbeat accompaniment.

13. A Piece of Commercial Art

Valentina Ciandrini is an Italian visual designer who creates quirky, colorful and thought-provoking commercial art. Her work is bright, bold and eye-catching, and her creative style is all about combining everyday objects, textures and patterns to create thought-provoking yet satisfyingly aesthetic results. This piece was created using items from Envato Elements. Find out more about Valentina, her work and where she gets her inspiration in this interview.

14. A Photo Manipulation

Another great example of a Photoshop artist in action, this time by Argentinian Italian artist Jose Francese who creates fantastical image compositions. Jose says of his work, “I like nature: animals, flowers,  landscapes, etc. I use my knowledge and imagination to combine real images with the unreal, allowing me to do all kinds of things – anything that comes to mind. Every day that passes I discover new and different things; as an artist you never stop learning.” Read our interview with the man behind the ‘gram to find out more about how he uses Envato Elements.

15. A Work of Art Inspired By Your Favorite Musician

Watch Me Work is a series from Envato Tuts+ YouTube where we get to see digital artists in action. In this episode, vector artist – and our very own Design & Illustration editor, Sharon Archer-Thomas creates a stunning portrait of Freddie Mercury in Adobe Illustrator. It features brushes from Envato Elements and a cool 80’s soundtrack inspired by Freddie and Queen.

Want to wish us a happy birthday? Follow us on Instagram and share your work using the hashtag #MadewithEnvato. To learn more about Envato, check out our company timeline.

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