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Made With Envato: How to Create Quirky Retro Collages with Funky Vision 

Want to know how to create quirky retro collages? We talk to Funky Vision to learn how he creates his unique work using Envato Elements.

Posted 4 Jan 2023
Made With Envato: How to Create Quirky Retro Collages with Funky Vision 

Juan Carlos García – also known as Funky Vision – is a Spanish designer, digital artist, and art director specializing in digital and video collage. A skilled and seasoned artist, Juan studied design in Spain for 15 years – however, he’s only been a part of the digital art community for about three years.

Known for creating cool, quirky collages with a retro feel, Juan’s work combines photos, graphics, and textures to create simple yet mesmerizing scenes that always tell a story. He shares his work on Instagram, where he has accrued over 45K followers. In addition to creating freelance designs for clients, he’s also worked on advertising campaigns for major brands such as Apple, Lilly, Bubblehouse, and more. 

We chatted to Juan about how he got into digital art, his creative process, and how he uses Envato Elements to create his unique retro collages. 

How did you come up with the idea for this piece? What inspired it?

I found a series of fascinating small toy robots in Envato’s photo gallery, and as soon as I saw them, I wanted to create a piece with the theme of artificial intelligence. I love creating mini universes in everyday scenes, and always aim to tell a story that evokes a smile or makes you think.

Could you walk us through how you created it step-by-step? What was your creative process from start to finish?

In my compositions, I first crop the main image using masks in Adobe Photoshop. Then I adjust the levels and curves of the image, add the elements of the collage, and switch between them until I find the perfect combination. Finally, I apply filter and color adjustments with textures when the image is complete to get the final result.I pay the most attention to creating harmony in my compositions, including the elements’ color and placement.

This piece turned out to be one of my favorite works. It has a retro style that, combined with the message, makes the work very strong.

Do you have any secret tips or tricks for achieving this art style?

Above all, everything must work together in harmony. Your work should be identifiable at first sight – achieving a unique style is the most challenging yet gratifying thing.

How does Envato Elements help you create your work? What types of items do you use the most?

Envato Elements has a massive and varied selection of resources which I find very helpful. I use a lot of photos, videos, and textures, and also fonts and vector elements.

What are the must-have tools all successful artists need in their toolkits? 

Knowing how to use basic programs is essential, especially Photoshop. But it’s also beneficial to learn from other artists and get inspired by other compositional points of view.

How did you grow your online following, and how has Instagram benefited your art?

Instagram has been incredible for my art. In one year, I accrued more than 20,000 followers – and my account is still growing! Most of my work comes from Instagram; without it, I wouldn’t have the opportunities I’ve been given, and couldn’t have worked with clients from all around the world.

What’s your most significant learning from becoming a digital artist? What’s been the highlight? 

My highlights have been working with big brands like Apple and Lilly and participating in exhibitions and publications worldwide. Above all, I’ve learned how I have to sell my work. Getting results takes a lot of perseverance, a lot of effort, and a lot of determination. 

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Funky Vision! While you’re here, learn how to master the art of digital collage with Labyrinth of Collages, or how to create dreamlike imagery with a retro vibe with NaomiAmberDawn. Or, head to Envato Elements to start creating today!

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