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Mental Health Month 2022: How Envato Is Supporting Employees This October

Here's how Envato is getting involved in Mental Health Month 2022.

Posted 5 Oct 2022
Mental Health Month

Over one in five people worldwide will deal with a mental health issue at some point every year – a statistic that’s on the rise. Mental Health Month is about raising awareness of mental health issues, supporting those who need it most, and educating people on how to look after their mental health. At Envato, mental well-being is something we provide support for all year round, through our Employee Assistance Program and other activities, but this year we’ve devised a month-long program of events to recognize the importance of mental health.

When Is Mental Health Month?

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Mental Health Month takes place every year from October 1-31. This year during Mental Health Month, Envato’s People team is hosting a range of mind-enriching events and activities encouraging employees to improve their mental well-being, and raising awareness of how mental health issues affect millions annually.

“While Envato does a lot year-round when it comes to mental health, we also know it’s important to take moments throughout the year to shine a light on emotional and mental well-being,” says Michelle Drake, Envato’s People Experience Specialist. “This Mental Health Month, we’re focusing on supporting and learning so that we can continuously move towards becoming our healthiest, best selves.” 

What Is Mental Health Month?

Mental Health Awareness Month is an annual event organized by the Association for Mental Health. It aims to enhance awareness of mental health issues through various activities, events, and campaigns that run throughout the month of October.

Mental Health Month is a chance for everyone to work together to redefine the way our society perceives mental health, empathize with those who suffer from mental health issues, and provide support, education, and solutions. 

Why Is Mental Health Month Important?

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Mental health issues are still widely misunderstood and stigmatized in our society – especially in the workplace. Mental Health Awareness Month aims to bring these issues to the forefront, raise funds and awareness, and break down the stigma around discussing mental health openly. 

“Mental Health is top of mind for us at Envato, and we’re always looking for ways to shine a light on it,” says Michelle. “First and foremost, we want our Envatians to feel fully supported in looking after their Mental Health and well-being. We want to create a safe space to be ourselves and speak openly about our mental health.” 

Another purpose of Mental Health Month is to highlight the fact that treatments are improving with every passing year – including therapies, medications, mindfulness practices, and lifestyle interventions – which can all produce radically beneficial outcomes. Mental health is a significant concern in our society, but it’s also something that we can each address individually through education, awareness, and by lending a helping hand to those around us.

How Is Envato Raising Awareness During Mental Health Month 2022? 

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This Mental Health Month, Envato’s People Experience Team has created a lineup of virtual events relating to mental health, emotional well-being, and self-care.

“At Envato, this year’s theme is ‘Your mental health, your way’,” says Michelle. “We chose this to reflect and recognize the individual nature of mental health; what’s great for one person is not the best solution for someone else – and that’s okay! Our events are optional, fully remote, and all completely different, allowing employees to choose which approach is right for them.”

There will be a variety of events going ahead at Envato throughout October, including:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation SoundScape
  • Mindfulness Fridays 
  • Financial Wellness Session with Tribecca Financial
  • A cooking event with Freed to Feed
  • A gardening workshop in which we’ll learn all about creating our very own veggie and herb garden.

From spiritual, introspective activities such as meditation and mindfulness to more hands-on approaches such as gardening and cooking, Envato’s Mental Health Month will provide something for everyone, with a focus on both improving the mental well-being of each individual employee and creating a safe, happy workplace for all.

“When you’re in a state of poor mental health, just like physical health, it impacts your whole life,” Michelle explains. “We support and care about our Envatians, and helping them look after their mental health and well-being is a big part of ensuring they’re safe and happy at work. It’s a privilege to organize Mental Health Month for Envato, and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact on everyone.”

What Other Mental Health Support Does Envato Provide? 

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At Envato, we’re continually looking for ways to educate and create awareness around mental health and provide our employees with mental health support. For more on our approach to mental health in the workplace, find out about what services we offer all year round at Envato.


Employee Assistance Program

Our AU/NZ EAP, Benestar, is a confidential service available to Envato employees and their family members. It allows you to chat through any challenges with a professional counselor (US employees’ EAP is Insperity). 

Mental Health First Aiders and Contact Officers 

Envato has several Mental Health First Aiders and Contact Officers who are available if you ever need a chat.

Resilience Project Digital Wellbeing Series

The Resilience Project shares practical and evidence-based strategies to manage mental health and wellbeing, whether that be in or outside of work, relationships, technology, connection, and more. 

Mental Health Inclusion Group

Our Mental Health Inclusion Group meets monthly to discuss all aspects of mental health and how we can improve support and services at Envato. You can join the conversation in the #mental-health-inclusion slack channel.


Employee Assistance Program 

Our MX EAP offers free consultations with a professional counselor, face-to-face or virtually, for collaborators (free) and their families (half price).

Envato Cares

This service offers free medical, nutritional, and psychological services for all our collaborators, which can be accessed in person or virtually. To access Envato Cares, you can simply make your appointment by email.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Two sessions (theoretical and practical) to an emotional intelligence workshop providing information and strategies for understanding and working through your emotions,

If you work at Envato, get involved this Mental Health Month by attending one (or all!) of our incredible lineup of events running all throughout October! To anyone else who wants to be a part of it, stay tuned on LinkedIn where we’ll be sharing highlights, inspiration, and ideas from our Mental Health Month calendar via #EnvatoLife. 

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